Sunday, 9 August 2015

Weekly Summary #7

Weekly Summary (03/08-09/08)

  Monday was actually quite a good day for me at work as I was just catching up on my work and getting on with it as I had no one to talk to as the girl who I sit next to actually had today off so I was sat on my own with a cup of tea all day catching up- I have to admit the day went so quickly, Around 4pm our boss brought her puppy in for a little bit it's a cross between a Jack Russel and a Poodle so it's the cutest dog ever and it's so tiny! It was running up and down the office like an excited child it was the cutest thing ever and definitely cheered me up. Once I got home I didn't have much to do which is what I love on a night after work so I decided to get into some comfy clothes and watch some Youtube videos with a cup of tea whilst typing up some blog posts then I decided to read for a while- Once Luke got home we did our usual routine (Cereals) we then went to bed and watched a cartoon film as we were both in a mood to just watch something easy- We fell asleep so quick as we were so exhausted since it was Monday and everything! (Just tired from been up so early I'm guessing!)

  Tuesday was such a good day but I have to admit it didn't fly by but I really enjoyed my day today- I think my boss has realised I have too much work to actually get done on a daily basis so she's told me to keep the work I think is complicated which I'm more experience and to pass the work which is more hassle for me to the girl on reception as she's complained she actually doesn't have much work to do so my problem is solved! Today I was back doing the spread sheet I've been doing for so long but today I was just sorting problems out with it so it actually did pass the day on which was good- Once I got home from work I was supposed to be going shopping but I decided to go on Friday after work, So I came home and sat with Luke for a while catching up with Luke then I decided to get a shower and then I had my tea and made my lunch for work tomorrow. Once I'd dried my hair and straightened it- I have to admit it is growing slowly, I decided to get my laptop out and just catch up on a few things as I didn't really know what I was in the mood to do. I then made myself a hot chocolate and read my book for a while, Me and Luke watched some films for a while then we went to sleep cuddling as I just didn't feel very well and my eyes were hurting so we went to sleep a little earlier than we normally would.

  Wednesday was actually another good day at work- It went quite fast which was a good thing but I think I've decided I don't really like Wednesday's as it's the middle of the week and you've still got like 2 days to go before the weekend which just depresses me I guess, I had my driving lesson again after work at 5:30 which well it didn't go the best it could of but we were doing the 'Test Routes' now so I'm guessing that's a good thing which I can look forward to eventhough I'm so scared for when the test actually comes around! After my driving lesson I had my tea which we had shepherd's pie with veg and it was so nice- I then went upstairs and took my make-up, got changed and quickly washed my hair. I then decided to watch some Youtube videos which I just ended up watching random videos before I decided to read for a while, I then made myself some cereals and a cup of tea and went and laid in bed. Me and Luke decided to watch X-Men as it was on the tv so we watched that for a bit but we both fell asleep which I woke up later on to just turn the light off and drifted back off to sleep.

  Thursday was a good day at work again but I simply think it's because the weekend is finally approaching us which eventhough I don't have much planned this weekend I actually cannot wait which is a change, Work again went quick which it was good- I wasn't too busy but I had work to keep me going throughout the day which was good. After work me and Luke just laid talking to each other which is something we seem to do on a daily basis but it's good as we catch up with each other on how like our day has gone and how we're feeling which I think is a good thing- After that I decided I wanted to get a take away for tea which I chose a chinese and Luke decided to get a pizza and chips as chinese isn't his favourite thing to eat so once I'd ordered that I decided to clean my room a little as it just needed a little tidy as it wasn't messy but it wasn't to my 'standard' so I did that which didn't take me long, I got changed into my pj's and took my make-up off and cleaned my face by this time the takeaway had arrived so I ate that then painted my nails which was so bad as I had a glitter polish on it took SO long to get off and my nails just feel so horrible *Sad Face* but I painted them again as I can't wear nothing on my nails so I decided on a nude colour, I watched a few Youtube videos as usual but then decided on reading again as I really want to finish my book now as I want to read some of my new ones- Once we had decided on a film we laid in bed watching that until we both fell asleep but tonight we turned the lights and tv off first.

  Friday was such a nice day to end the week at work as well the day went fast and I had work to do all day so I was happy- I didn't feel great as been a girl and all it was 'that' weekend so I was starting to feel a bit of a mess but tablets did help for a little while, Once we had got home for work I went shopping with Luke as I wanted to get some bits like face wipes, bubble bath, new skin care bits and bits of munch for us on the night time as we always seem to eat when we're watching films on a night time so we stocked up on sweets, crisp and Luke picked me up a massive galaxy bar again as he knew I'd be wanting chocolate this weekend, I also saw one of my old friends whilst we were shopping so we had a little chat up which was nice. Once we'd got home Luke ran me a bath which was so lovely and he then got ready to go see his friends for a while, I dried my hair and did my skin care routine after the bath and decided to catch up on Youtube videos again but I came up to bed around half 9 just so I could get comfortable before Luke got home so when I was in bed I decided to just read for a while as I knew it would make me tired- Once Luke got home he put a film on and gave me cuddles until I fell asleep as I literally just felt awful... Great start to the weekend.

  Saturday was a day I really enjoyed as it was just such a nice peaceful day which started off quite early for me as I woke up around half 8 and got up to make myself a cup of tea and some toast as I had really bad stomach cramps so I needed to take some tablets- I got back into bed and cuddled up to Luke for a while until he woke up we then watched Jeremy Kyle as per usual on a Saturday and Sunday morning for us, I decided to tidy the room up after a while as Luke's little brother was coming up so I wanted it to be clean so Luke got ready whilst I did that, Once Luke was ready he helped me clean for a while then we listened to music for a while until he set off to get his little brother from his mum's and whilst he went there I decided to do my make-up and hair. I went and watched Finding Nemo with my little brother whilst I was waiting for Luke- Once he had got back he played the Playstation with his little brother, We played in the garden and we then made something to eat for us all and he seemed to really enjoy his self which was really good they then set off back home as Luke's little brother seemed ready to go home- Me, mum, nan and my little brother went for a meal to a pub near where we live for a meal which was so nice! I really enjoy family time so I really enjoyed myself eventhough I wasn't really in the mood for it. Once Luke got home we watched American Dad whilst waiting for our takeaway to arrive and we then watched films for a while until we got tired which we ended up turning the tv off and cuddling.

  Sunday was a relaxing day which I really needed as I literally had to energy what so ever to actually do anything productive so I woke up to Luke cuddling me which was a nice start to the day I have to admit, We cuddled for a while in bed until I got up to have some breakfast we then laid in bed watching Jeremy Kyle again and we were mainly just talking to each other so we wasn't really paying attention to it- We decided to watch some old cartoons we used to enjoy which was 'Phineas & Ferb' and 'My Fairly Odd Parents' and we watched those for a while which I actually enjoyed! Luke then started to get ready whilst I got a shower as he was nipping to his mum's as his little brother left a few things yesterday- I then got my things ready for work and washed my make-up brushes then decided to sit downstairs and just catch up on Youtube and blogging things as I literally had no energy to do anything. Once I'd caught up I decided to sort my lunch out for tomorrow and I made myself a cup of tea and watched 90210 on Netflix as I've got back into it. Luke got home and he had his dinner whilst we watched tv and then we just chilled out all night as I think Luke knew I wasn't feeling great so he decided to put a nice film on and we cuddled until we got tired which Luke then turned the lights and tv off and we both fell asleep.

How was your week?

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