Monday, 17 August 2015

Weekly Summary #8

Weekly Summary (10/08-16/08)

  Monday was such a slow day at work and I'm not sure if it was because I was tired that morning or what but the day just seemed to drag- I started the day off by doing the figures which actually took me up to my dinner so the first part of the day actually flew but after dinner it literally went so slow which I think it was because I just wanted to come home but in the afternoon I was just doing my work (Motivation was lacking at this time) and then it was home time thank god! After work once I'd got home I sat in the garden with Luke as the weather was actually really nice which was nice, I made tea tonight which we just had salad and chicken which was actually really nice. After that I decided to just listen to music for a little bit whilst I took my make-up off and cleansed my face I then decided to go sit downstairs with my mum and little brother as he was going to the caravan Tuesday night so I decided to spend some time with him, I then watched a few Youtube videos and read my book for a while. I then made myself a cup of tea and some cheese and crackers and went up to bed to watch films with Luke which ended with us cuddling before we fell asleep (Typical end to a night! No better way though)

  Tuesday was another long day at work- I think it may be one of those weeks but today I mainly just at my desk which I caught up with all my work so I guess it was a good day today though! Once I got home from work I sat with Luke for a while catching up with each other and we decided to listen to music for a while then we watched a few Youtube video's together, I then decided to get a shower and have something to eat. I then made mine and Luke's lunch for tomorrow and cleansed my face properly whilst listening to music. I then helped my mum put a curtain pole up in my bedroom as I had ordered a new one so my mum helped me put that up and I then sorted my wardrobe out ready for Thursday's blogger charity event (Exciting!) Once I had done all that I decided to make myself a drink and read for a while which I was excited for. Luke then made his tea whilst I made myself some cheese and crackers again and I ate them in bed whilst watching a film with Luke, We then fell asleep after talking for hours as we couldn't get to sleep.

  Wednesday was actually a really nice day at work I had enough work to make the day pass and it did seem to pass quite quickly- A lot better than the beginning of the week. It's Wednesday meaning it's closer to the weekend which I'm really looking forward to this week, I was in a really good mood for some reason today which was nice for a change. After work I literally had a list longer than my arm so I got on with them, I had my tea before I started anything else as I was really hungry for some reason- Once I'd eaten I went upstairs and cleaned my room whilst listening to music, I then packed my bag for the weekend which took a while and I still haven't put everything in which I will have to do another day before we go. I then decided what I was going to wear for the Blogger event I am going to tomorrow night which I'm excited for but nervous about it too! I then decided to paint my nails and change my bag, Once I'd sorted all that out I got a quick shower and washed my hair- I then went back downstairs once I had dried my hair to make myself a cup of tea and something to eat which I took upstairs with me to eat whilst I watched a film.

  Thursday was a busy day at work as I was doing figures for most of the morning as they needed to be done by a deadline which I cut it quite short but I did get it done! In the afternoon I was mainly attempting to catch up with the pile of work on my desk which I got a few bits done but not much, After work I went home and got ready whilst Luke also got ready as he was going out and so was I, We were listening to music and having a little dance and sing song but it was the Branded3 Charity event in town which I was kindly invited to which I will have a blog post up about it soon, Once I was ready me and my mum headed into town as I had asked her to  come with me as I was a little nervous with it been my first blogger event- Once we arrived we helped ourselves to some drinks whilst everything was set up, We then did a game of using the clothes everyone had donated to make an outfit and whoever got 'Best Dresses' won £100 shopping vouchers, After that we got to pick the clothes we wanted to buy and we then got treated to tea, coffee, scones and sandwiches which were lovely- Once we got home I quickly washed my hair and went to bed as it was quite late and I was exhausted.

  Friday was another busy day at work as I had to catch up on all my work as I am covering reception Monday and Tuesday and I'm not at work Thursday and Friday (I cannot wait!) so I needed to be up to date with everything which I think I am but I was so rushed on Friday I'm not too sure- Once I got home we were getting ready to go as we were going to the caravan for the weekend so me and Luke quickly got changed and made sure we had packed everything. Once we were in the car me and Luke were listening to music and talking and we were trying some American sweets which we had bought- They weren't all great if I'm honest. Once we got to the caravan we unpacked and had something to eat and a cup of tea then we all got changed as we were off out for the night- Me and Luke decided to go to a little club which was nice and quiet so we sat in there and had drinks for the night we then met back up with my mum, nan and little brother we then tried a new takeaway restaurant which had just opened which we took back to the caravan and we then all went to sleep.

  Saturday was probably my favourite day of this week by far- Once me and Luke had woke up we both had a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea and I got a quick shower and we then got ready, The weather was so warm and sunny I actually got sun burnt on my neck and shoulders but me and Luke decided to have a walk on the beach which was so relaxing and I really enjoyed it. We then decided to head back and get something to eat so Luke had a hotdog and I decided to get some waffles with golden syrup and cream (So nice!) we then headed back to meet up with my mum but stopped off at Iceland to get some food for us to share for the rest of the night we actually decided to go out for drinks again at the pub which is in the little village near our caravan site and I really enjoyed it as we played bingo which we didn't win sadly and there was a live musician playing which he was okay we got back to the caravan around midnight which we both then just crashed as we were so tired definitely not used to late nights.

Sunday was one of those days where I was drained from the travelling and the late night but I got up around 11 to make myself some toast and a cup of tea, once I had eaten it I decided to pack my bag ready to come home as we were travelling back today so I picked what I was wearing that day and packed everything away, once we'd cleaned up and packed the car we decided to have some lunch before we travelled which we had in the cafe which was really nice. We then travelled home which made me so tired but once we arrived home I got everything ready for work, unpacked and cleaned my make-up brushes before getting a quick shower. Once I'd done that I decided to paint my nails and watch a few YouTube videos. I then ordered a takeaway as I didn't know what I fancied and my mum had decided to get a takeaway- I ate that in bed with Luke which we then decided to watch a film and go to sleep as we were both tired and knew we had to be up early for work the next day.

P.s- I'm sorry this is posted later than usual but I just didn't have time to update it properly once I got home yesterday so decided to wait and do it properly.
               How was your week?

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