Sunday, 23 August 2015

Weekly Summary #9

(Weekly Summary 17/08-23/08)

  Monday was actually an okay day at work as I was covering reception so the day actually flew by, The phone was really busy which was good as it seems to make the day go fast as you don’t see where time goes but I was doing my own work whilst trying to get the receptionists work done too- I was in my element though as it was so peaceful on reception and I could just get on with it without any distractions which was good. After work I was in a blogging mood for some reason as I knew I needed to sort out my posts for this week as I didn't have chance on Sunday to do it so once I got home I put some comfy clothes on and made myself some tea as Luke wasn't hungry so he didn't have anything- I made my lunch for work and I sat on my bed for the rest of the night blogging and catching up on YouTube videos (So behind!) Luke actually stayed in tonight as he wasn't feeling great so he got a bath and stuff whilst I did my blog posts. Later that night Luke decided to play on his PlayStation so I sat and read my book for a while, We decided to watch EastEnders and we then decided to turn the TV off and go to sleep as we were both so tired.

  Tuesday was another okay day at work and again I was covering reception which was surprisingly busy so the day flew again, I was up to date with my work and I had done all the receptionists work so I was mainly helping everyone who needed help. After work me and Luke took a walk to our local shop as I just wasn't in the mood to like make things for our lunches so we decided to buy something and a few sweets, After the walk to the shop I decided to then get in the shower as I wanted to get that out of the way as I just was in the mood to relax so I got a quick shower and dried my hair whilst we were waiting for tea to cook which we had Lasagne and garlic bread (Mmm!) it was so nice. After tea Luke decided to play his PlayStation again so I just watched some YouTube video's again- At around 8 I decided to go down and get myself something to eat so I made some golden syrup porridge and a cup of tea. I took that upstairs to eat and we watched a bit of TV before we decided to get the laptop out and have a little browse on the internet for a few things. We did our usual routine of watching EastEnders on catch up and then watching Family Guy- We then turned the TV off and went to sleep.

  Wednesday was probably the best day of the week so far, It was my Friday at work! As I had the rest of the week off so I was again covering reception as the girl had rung in sick which I was a little annoyed about as well I had to try fit in 3 days of my work to catch up on so I wouldn't be behind whilst trying to keep the receptionists work up to date too- Very stressful. The day did go quick though and I managed to get my work done so all in all it was a good day. After work I had my driving lesson which we are now learning test routes which I'm excited but nervous about too but this lesson actually went really well and I was really happy with how good it seemed to go (Very pleased!) Once I got home I had tea which we had a mixture of things as we need to stock up but I really enjoy those sort of tea's, Luke had a parcel delivered so he was messing around with that for a while whilst I got changed, took my make-up off and cleansed my face. Luke decided to nip to his sisters for an hour or so which I decided to just relax since I don't have work so I just watched a few YouTube video's and then made myself a cup of tea to take to bed with me, We decided to watch TV for a while but we both fell asleep which I woke up later to turn everything off.

  Thursday was an early start for me even though it was my day off as Luke had set an alarm for half 6 as he was riding to work so once I heard the alarm I was wide awake so I just laid in bed for a while and I then got up with Luke once he had gone and made myself a cup of tea, I then took that upstairs as I decided to catch up on a few blog posts and YouTube videos as no one was awake at this time- Once I'd done that I decided to get a quick shower and get ready as I wasn't sure what we actually had planned for today. I did know that I wanted to take some blog pictures as I knew the lighting would be good but we'll see if I actually get round to it today. Me and my mum decided to go food shopping as she wanted to get it done before the weekend so we went and did that, I nipped into Tesco and bought some new shoes which I really like and they were in the sale so that's even better! We went home and made ourselves something to eat and we then nipped to our local shopping centre which I decided to have a look in Select which I don't normally do as I don't really like the clothes in there but I picked up another pair of shoes and a bag (Oops!) Once we got back I made myself a cup of tea and decided to clean my room. We then had tea which was a roast dinner and I sat and had a look at cars as I'm starting to work out how much I want to save for meaning the car and insurance so I decided to sit and work it all out, I watched a few YouTube video's but I then decided to just watch TV as I started to get a headache, Once I was tired we turned the TV off and went to sleep as Luke had to get up early for work again.

  Friday was another early start as I woke up to Luke's alarm again but I was literally so tired I actually fell back asleep whilst he was getting ready, I got up when Luke was going to make myself a cup of tea as I did yesterday and watched Hannah Magg's vlogs as I had like 2 weeks to watch- I love these vlogs as they are just so relaxing to watch. Once I'd caught up I went and made myself some breakfast, Me and my mum did have a few plans but that was later in the afternoon so I decided to get a few blog posts written which was nice for a change as I was in my comfort just typing blog posts up for a few hours. We decided to go to Subway for our dinner and we took my little brother along with us, Once we got back I decided to get changed into something comfy and watched a bit of TV before Luke got home from work. Once he was home he was actually going back out to his friends house so he got ready whilst I was reading for a while. I watched YouTube video's for a while whilst doing a bit more of my blogging work, I decided to have a pamper night tonight so I ran my bath and had my pamper night, Once I was out of the bath I decided to watch a bit of Netflix before Luke came home and when he got home he had something to eat and we cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Saturday I woke up around 9:30am so I decided to go make myself a cup of tea and some breakfast, I took it back upstairs as I was going to watch a bit more 90210 on Netflix, Luke was still snoozing at this point so I could watch it in peace- After that I decided to read my book for a while as I was quite behind whilst I was doing that I kept checking social media etc as I seem to get distracted when I read on a morning, Luke woke up around 1pm (Lazy!) so we watched Kangroo Jack as that was on Tv and then we both got ready as we were taking a walk to the shop, The weather was horrific today so we kind of quickly walked to and from the shop as we didn't want to get caught in the rain. We got back and watched a bit of Tv later on in the night I decided to try and type a few blog posts up as I have a few I need to get done. I watched a few Youtube video's whilst sat with my mum and my little brother. Once it got to around 10pm I decided to go up to bed and watch some of Netflix before I fell asleep.

  Sunday I didn't actually wake up until around 10:30am as I didn't get much sleep through the night as I had a really bad headache which I actually also woke up with so when I woke up I went downstairs to make myself some breakfast, a cup of tea and take some tablets. I came back upstairs to find Luke awake so we watched Jeremy Kyle together (As usual!) and I then got a quick shower. As the weather was nice we decided we would go to Luke's mum's and take his brother for a little walk so in between getting ready and drying my hair I did our lunches for work and made sure we had some uniform for work. Once we were both ready we started our walk but stopped off at the shop to get a drink and some chocolate for each of us, We stayed at Luke's mum's for a few hours and headed back by this time the weather had changed dramatically (Raining Heavily) so we kind of quickly walked back but we didn't mind walking in the rain, Once we got in we quickly got changed and made ourselves something to eat which we ate whilst watching TV, I then needed to get some blog stuff done so Luke played the PlayStation for a while. Once we'd done what we needed to we watched a film on Netflix whilst eating Ben & Jerry's- Best way to end a Sunday.

How's your week been?

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