Friday, 7 August 2015

WHSmith Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So today is another haul but it's a little different this time- I went shopping with Luke last weekend and decided to just keep to buying myself a few books- I'm so excited to read these though!
  I decided to buy some books which I've wanted to try for a while so these were the ones I decided to pick up.
  I picked up six books altogether which I'm quite happy with but there was a little offer on in WHSmith where if you picked up certain books you got the other half price so I save quite a bit of money overall.
Soulmates- Holly Bourne
  This has been a book I've wanted to buy and read for so long but just never got round to it so when I saw it on the shelf at WHSmith I decided to pick it up- In this book it's about a world where two people are born the perfect match for each other meaning they are 'soulmates' but the blurb says What if meeting your soulmate us earth-shattering- Literally? This part of the blurb gets me everytime so I'm definitely looking forward to picking this up. You can look at this HERE.
The Potion Diaries- Amy Alward
  This is a book I've also wanted to pick up as I saw this on Zoella's vlog as this is written by her editor and the whole idea of this book just sounds so good- Basically the main girl a princess drinks a love potion which is for her crush but she ends up falling in love with her reflection, There becomes a hunt to find a cure and there is an 'ordinary' girl who's family could do with winning the hunt to get their reputation back as they were respected in the community until something happens- This also has a social media aspect into the book which I'm looking forward to see how that is put into the book. You can look at this HERE.
 The Perfectionist- Sara Shepard
  This bok was one I NEEDED to pick up as it is written by the author who wrote the Pretty Little Liars books which well I love the Tv show so I'd definitely love the books but this sounds so good! This is about five girls who want to get revenge on the popular boy in school who treats everyone like rubbish so they decide to get him back- The blurb on this book reminds me of pretty little liars for some reason but I'm really looking forward to reading this. You can look at this HERE.
The Good Girls- Sara Shepard
  This is the second book to the book above but I decided to pick this up as I know I will love the first book so I will definitely want to see what happens in the next book- The cover is so pretty! But on the back of the book it says the five girls class themselves as 'The Perfectionists' who get framed for murder for killing the boy in the first book but they meant to get revenge not kill him but they haven't killed him and someone else has so this sounds exactly like Pretty Little Liars but I really need to read this book once I've read the first one. You can look at this HERE.
How To Be Bad- Lockhart, Myracle and Mlynowski
  This book was one I picked up because of the authors I've heard such good things about all three authors so I decided to pick this up and give it a read- Three girls are complete opposites in the book but they have one thing in common which is they want to leave there town so they get a car and go travelling, I love travelling books with road trips in them so I'm looking forward to see if I enjoy this. You can look at this HERE.
The Heir- Kiera Cass
  I bought this book on the idea that I will get around to the Selection series but I still have 3 books to read before I get to this one but I decided to pick it up- The cover was another reason I had to buy this it's such a beautiful cover but I really do want to get round to this series as I think I will enjoy it. On the blurb it says-
Princess Eadlyn has grown up of hearing how her mother and father met and lived happily ever after, Eadlyn doesn't want the same ending as she has no interest in repeating the fairy tale until one particular entry captures her heart. This book sounds so good I really cannot wait to start this series. You can look at this HERE.
Have you bought any books recently?

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