Friday, 18 September 2015

Katy Perry Killer Queen- Perfume Review

Hello Everyone!
  Today I'm doing another perfume review as I'm a little behind with them as I've bought a few recently and I haven't been reviewing them after I've trailed them for a few weeks, I bought this perfume I'd say in April sometime so I've had it long enough to now write a review about it.
   The bottle is one of my favourite things about this perfume as it just looks stunning, The red which fades into an orange colour is just makes the bottle look incredible as I said before in one of my posts it cannot actually stand up because of the shape of the bottle so it always has to be laid on it's side which takes up quite a lot of space so if your perfumes are compact this isn't the best bottle to probably buy.
  The scent is quite a floral and playful scent which I really love as I think it just smells incredible I have to admit the lasting power isn't great so I wouldn't recommend if your wanting to buy a perfume which will last a while as this certainly doesn't last but I still use this simply because of the scent.
  I would recommend this to someone who is maybe just starting out with perfume as the bottle is stunning and the scent is a nice floral scent, I would also recommend it to anyone who likes floral scents rather than musky scents but just remember about the lasting power which is the downside of this perfume.
Has anyone tried this before?

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  1. i want to try this one i have mos of KATY'S perfumes. i hope i love this one like i do the others.