Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Love & Hate Tag

Hello Everyone!
  So I was tagged by the lovely Jessica Patricia to do the Love/Hate tag which I was really happy to actually get nominated to do a tag by a fellow blogger so thankyou! Click on jessica's name above to check out her blog and I will leave a link at the end of the post- Definitely worth a read!
  This tag is where you state 10 things you love and 10 things you hate on your blog, I have to admit this may be a little harder than I'm expecting it to be but I will definitely give it a go. At the end you have to tag 10 fellow bloggers to do this tag so here's to getting started...

  10 Things I Love:
1. Make-up- This may be a little obvious as well I do write a 'beauty' blog but make-up has always been something I've collected shall we say as it's always been a thing I've wanted to get better at and with much practise I feel as though my make-up looks a lot better now than it did a few months back which I'm happy about, I have realised I spend far too much on it but well what girl doesn't right?
2. Luke obviously- This one is a little more personal I guess but I couldn't leave him out of this, Me and Luke have our disagreements/arguments but he's always there for me when I need him and I know deep down we both truly care about each other.
3. Reading- I love reading but I have to admit it hasn't always been something I have enjoyed, I just love the concept of getting lost in a story and been transported into another world- I need to get back into reading though I'm slacking quite a bit recently.
4. Old Friendships- This is another personal one for me but something I love is being back in touch with people from the past, If that means putting aside your differences or just getting back in touch with each other and realising nothing has changed I just love that feeling of having someone there again from so long ago.
5. Shopping- Another one which well if your a girl I'm sure you'll agree but I just love shopping, I know my bank probably hates me afterwards but I just love the idea of treating myself if that means after a bad day at work or just in general I just love the feeling of buying new things which you've been lusting over for so long.
6. Baths- I'm a sucker for a nice pamper evening with a nice hot bubble bath with a bath bomb from Lush inside, Baths just seem to relax me and sometimes you just need an hour without any interruptions.
7. Tea/Hot Chocolate- This one has to be a joint one cause it's the same thing but I love just sitting down with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate and literally doing nothing, This one just makes me sound like an old women but I'm sure most people will understand what I mean (Hopefully)
8. Music- This has always been something which I've loved as music is something which can change my mood drastically no matter what I'm listening to I have a wide range of 'favourites' but I have to admit it's changed quite recently and I quite like where it's going and everyone knows what it's like to have a little dance in your bedroom to your music when no one is listening.
9. Autumn- This is a season I'm sure most people love but I just like how cosy I start to feel when it gets to this time of the year, I love the weather and the clothes everyone starts to wear (Jumpers, Winter coats and boots!) I love how everything looks at this time of the year and I just love how my mood picks up when it gets to autumn every year.
10. Cuddles- This one had to be the last one as this is one of the things I love more than any of the above, I just love how much a cuddle improves how I feel and let's admit everyone loves a good cuddle once in a while. I love how after a hard day at work I can always just have a cuddle and my stress just disappears.

10 Things I Hate: 
1. Rude people- This is one thing I hate so much! I just think manners cost nothing so a simple 'Please' and 'Thankyou' only takes a few seconds to say so why do people feel the need to not use them, I also hate when your in a shop and someone barges past you to look at something... You could of simply asked if I could move I'd appreciated that a bit more.
2.  Not feeling yourself- I get this feeling quite a bit and well I hate when I feel like that as I just feel down and quiet and you know something is wrong but you just can't explain it to anyone, I hate that.
3. Rubbish films- I love watching films and if I see a trailer that makes a film look really good I get excited and want to go see it, When I watch a film and I just can't get into it or the film just isn't as good as I was expecting then I just get annoyed.
4. Been Cold- I hate feeling cold, I love being cosy with a blanket or under the covers in bed. I'm one of those people who well is always cold and no matter what I do I can never warm up so when I have a temperature I know I'm ill.
5. Dentists- I absolutely hate dentists like more than anything, I just can't cope with the idea of someone shoving a needle in my mouth but I have a lot of trouble with my teeth so I always need to go to the dentist but I hate it when I go.
6. Sarcastic people- I can be really sarcastic when I want to be but I hate when people are really sarcastic in like a conversation and stuff it just gets me really mad!
7. People taking their mood out on you- Again I can be a moody person when I don't feel well or stuff just isn't going right but I hate when people are just pure mean because they are in a bad mood and they take it out on you and make you feel really bad... I just hate it.
8. Long days- I hate when the day feels like it's been going on for hours and you feel as though you've done a full week within a day I just get really bored and annoyed at myself if the day drags.
9. Girls who put other girls down- I don't understand how girls can be so mean to other girls, Like we should all stick together and help each other out and I just don't see how girls can put other girls down because of their size, hairstyle etc- I just think it's silly we should always stick together.
10. Day's where you feel rubbish- I hate the days where you just put yourself down, Like how you look in certain things etc. I get these days a lot and I put myself down so much when I feel like this, I know everyone has these days but I still have no idea how to cope feeling like this without wanting to just sit and cry.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I love and hate!
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