Monday, 14 September 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday and as always I will be having a little rant- I will just apologise cause this may get a little soppy or whatever but I've always said these Monday posts are mainly where I just have a little ramble about things I'm thinking about and well this is one of them.
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  This weekend has been one where I guess I've just realised a few things, I think I made a post a few months ago now about 'Love' but hey let's do another one right? I guess I'm in one of those moods where I'm just feeling content with myself. This weekend was one I really enjoyed as well me and Luke spent a lot of this weekend together, We normally do spend a lot of the weekend together anyways but this weekend we actually made the effort to go out somewhere together and actually make it just 'us' so we could actually just spend time together. Through the week we have like our own plans so we mainly just spend time together before we fall asleep which is completely fine as we can then do what we need to do without having distractions so we mainly spend weekends together. This weekend was different though as we were both in such good moods and just was enjoying each others company and when you've been together for a while you kind of forget how it feels to just enjoy each others company once in a while and I think this weekend kind of showed we still do love each other and have feelings for each other we just kind of get used to doing our own plans and forget to actually make time for each other to just go to the cinema or have a meal together- I have to say this weekend was one of my favourites for a long time.
Have a lovely week everyone!

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