Friday, 11 September 2015

Paperchase Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have a haul which is a little different to what I would normally show but as I have never ordered from Paperchase before I thought I would share what I bought which wasn't a lot.

  So as I had said I've never ordered or ever shopped at Paperchase before and as I do enjoy stationery and things like that Paperchase always seems to have some nice things so I decided to pick a few things up. I was only looking for one certain thing but it was free delivery when you spent £20 so I decided to snatch that offer up.

  I've been looking for a 'thermal' cup for a while now as I'm always wanting to take hot drinks with me to work on a morning as I sometimes don't get chance to have one before I set off for work and I knew a thermal cup would be a good idea as it's insulated meaning it keeps the contents hot for longer- It's a flask basically they just look better in my opinion, I saw this on the website and loved the design on the outside and as you can see the size of the cup is perfect so I thought this was something I had to buy.

  The main reason I was shopping around for stationery was simply because I wanted a nice notebook to keep in my bag to write ideas down when I'm at work and stuff but I wanted one which looked nice so I could keep it on my desk if I wanted to and stuff like that, This is the same pattern as my cup which I thought was nice as I do love the pattern so I decided to pick them both up, This notebook is quite strong as it's not flimsy or anything so I know it will last a long time which I'm happy with. The inside of the notebook is just lined paper and the blue string at the front is what keeps the notebook together when your not using it.

  I bought this on a whim as I decided to pick up some compact sticky notes which I can put into my notebook to write notes or things like that- These fitted with the notebook so I decided to pick these up instead, The sticky notes are in a small 'folder' as such as it all unfolds to reveal 4 different sticky notes, Some sticky notes are shaped as roses and are coloured in watercolour shades, Then you have some plain pink sticky notes and some index notes which are multi-coloured and have roses on the end I just thought these were so girly and cute they would look so nice inside the notebook.

  I then bought a few pens just to get the total up a little so I could get the free delivery as it worked out around £4 for delivery which was the amount I paid for these pens so I got a few things extra on my order rather than paying for delivery. I bought a pink gel pen as I just know I can write neatly with gel pens and they were a £1 each so I was happy, I bought a 'Frixion' pen which erases out if you make a mistake which is perfect for me again I got this in pink ink as I have the black, blue and red ones by this brand. I then bought a black inked pen but I mainly bought this as it has a stylus pen on the end which is perfect if I'm writing notes or ideas and I then suddenly need to use my phone I can use the pen so it's overall a pen I know will get used even if it's just for the stylus.
Paperchase website is HERE.
Have you ordered from Paperchase before? 


  1. Jealous! I need some new stationary... :)


  2. I have to say Paperchase is very tempting when you want new stationary! :)

    Meg xo