Monday, 28 September 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday and as always its my time for my little ramble on my blog- I must admit I'm looking forward to this week though so I'm in such a good mood for a change on a Monday morning.

  This week is a week holiday from work which I'm actually really happy about as I was so ready for a little break from the usual routine, I must admit though I will miss being in a routine as when I don't have like my days planned out I get a little nervous and stressed as I'm so used to knowing what I'm doing from one day to the next. This week for me is one where I'm getting as much done as possible and I'm getting things done which have been pushed back each time I've wanted to get them done- You can see what I get up to this week by reading my weekly summary which goes up on Sunday at 10pm.
  A weeks break for me is just time which is appreciated very dearly as when you work full time, five days a week you don't really have the time to just sit and relax or do the things you enjoy doing without a rush- My blog is one of those things I love to do but just don't seem to always spend the time I really want to as I have so much to do after work etc. This week is one of those where I can freely do what I want to without having to think 'Oh I need to get this done' So I'm going to really enjoy just having the few days to do a little shopping, Catch up with a few appointments and get caught up with a few blog posts which have been longing to be written for so long now- I'm truly going to love just being able to relax and enjoy the time off.
Have a lovely week!

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