Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Traces Of Me- Book Review

Hello Everyone!
  So I have another book review today which I was kindly given a copy of an ebook to review for you guys.
  This is a book by the author Tracy Kiss- I will just say this is for more a mature audience only as this book is for 18+ as it's very similar to the 50 Shades of Grey book series which took the reading community by storm. I have to admit a book like this is out of my comfort zone reading wise but I really did enjoy this book. The storyline was incredible and I was hooked once I had actually started reading it, I actually finished the book within 2 sittings which is not like me at all but I was just so drawn to the storyline I really needed to see what happened and the book just flew by and within a few hours I had finished it.
The story was about a girl named 'April' she starts the book off at a date with a man she has met on the internet, Throughout the book we see April have two relationships which I have to admit I found both of them quite heart warming for separate reasons as both men were complete opposites and yet they both were such loving and sweet characters who you couldn't help but fall in love with as you just wanted the best for April's character (I did anyway!) I just wanted everything to work out so April got what she deserved as she was bullied as a young child so she didn't think the best of herself which made you feel like you needed to protect her insecure personality but you knew deep down she would come around in one way or another as she was starting to get people's attention which was very different for her but it made her feel normal and less of a shadow. I wasn't 100% on how I would feel when I first started the book but literally I fell in love with the characters. I loved how April was so insecure at the beginning but throughout the book she got a lot more confidence for certain reasons which I can't go into as I feel it would ruin the story but I really loved seeing her change into such a confident loving person, I really connected with April as a character as I really loved her personality and just her overall attitude to everything. Throughout the book you see April's life change for better or worse it clearly depends how invested in the book you have actually got but towards the end of the book I was truly and honestly heartbroken as I just didn't expect certain things to happen but the ending in a way made me feel so happy and content as I just loved how it ended- I must say I'm really hoping there is another book as I would love to see what happens to April and the characters in this book as I really need to know what happens, I would say this book did have steamy parts so if your not into stuff like that this may not be for you but I thought those parts added more into the story line and the characters- This book is only on ebook so having a kindle would be the only option but you can get the kindle app on your phone so you can definitely give this a read, You'll be finished in no time.

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