Friday, 4 September 2015

Vera Wang Princess- Perfume Review

Hello Everyone!
  So I'm doing a perfume review today on a perfume I picked up a while back and have been trailing it for a couple of weeks so I could give a good review on it.

  I bought Vera Wang Princess from a perfume shop when I went on a shopping trip with Luke into town, I decided to pick it up as it had been a perfume I had wanted to try for a while now but had never picked it up as I was wanting to use up the collection I have already as it's quite a huge one, I love the bottle as it's such a lovely shape and really girly to look at. I love the top of the bottle with it been a crown as I think it just looks so cute with how the bottle is shaped, The gold band around it I think is a ring I'm not too sure but my fingers are tiny so it definitely wouldn't fit on my fingers but I think it just looks better on the bottle.
  The bottle is lilac which is one of my favourite colours which is another reason it was something I NEEDED to buy! The font on the front of the bottle is also something I like as I think it suits the bottle perfectly.
  The scent is probably what your actually here to hear about so lets begin-
  I really like how this smells as I think it's such a floral scent which is just subtle so it isn't too in your face which is something I hate about floral scents as I'm always conscious people will think I've put too much on.
  I've been using this daily for work and I've had comments about it in the morning but towards the afternoon I can no longer smell the scent on my clothes or where I applied it in the morning, So the downside is I don't think the lasting power is great for this perfume but it isn't something that stops me from using this as I still have been applying this on a morning for work. I'm normally not risky about my perfumes so I don't carry them around in my bag but because I do like the scent of this I have been putting this in my bag in the morning to put on again in the afternoon when it has started to wear off.
  Overall this perfume is one I probably would repurchase as I love the bottle and how it looks on my dressing table, I love the scent of this but the lasting power is the downside of this but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is into floral/girly scents.
Have you used this perfume before?

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