Sunday, 6 September 2015

Weekly Summary #11

Weekly Summary (31/08/15-6/09/15)

  Monday was an okay start to the week as it was bank holiday so well no work meant a nice lay in which I was really happy about. I woke up around 9 but actually fell back asleep until 11 (Oops!) So I got up and made myself some breakfast and a cup of tea and decided to spend the rest of the morning reading my book as I really wanted to get into it which I finally did and finished it in one sitting! Once Luke had woke up we decided to both get dressed and take a walk to the local shop to get a few things for the week once we had done that I decided to come back home and wash my hair and cleanse my face. Once I had done that I decided to sort my wardrobe out as I was in a cleaning mood, I then got my laptop out and decided to watch a few YouTube videos and possibly type up a few blog posts if I was feeling it. I decided to make myself a hot chocolate and take it to bed- By this time I was feeling a little stressed and down so I decided to sit and watch 'The Simpsons' until I was tired and I then fell asleep.

  Tuesday was a nice day at work as I was slowly catching up on my work and the day actually flew as I just didn't see the day pass at all- I was happy about that though as well I didn't wake up in the best of moods. After work me and Luke decided to go for a walk as the weather was actually nice for a change, Once we got back I decided to sort our lunches out for work tomorrow and I then had tea as Luke was having his later. I then decided to get a shower as I wanted to wash my hair and properly cleanse my face which I did. After I had sorted all that out I decided to get into some comfy pj's and catch up with a few blog posts as I wasn't really in the mood at the weekend so I decided to do that and I then watched a few YouTube videos. The rest of the night I decided to just watch TV with Luke before we both fell asleep.

  Wednesday was an okay-ish day at work as well it seemed to drag like crazy which is a bit annoying but I decided to just get my head down and try pass the day on which it finally did which was good- After work I had my driving which went really well again which I was pleased about as I feel like I'm improving each week which I never thought would happen. Once I got back from driving I decided to get changed and have something to eat before I opened my parcels which had arrived (More make-up!) I then decided to just chill out and listen to music and watch YouTube videos for a while until Luke got home as he made his tea and we went to watch some films, We had decided to have an early night tonight so we turned everything off around 10pm and both fell asleep soon after that- Definitely felt the benefit of the extra sleep!

  Thursday was such a busy day at work as we had a few meetings and let's just say my desk was full of paperwork which needed filing and sorting out into some organisation, I tried my best. It was my late week which meant I got home a little bit later than usual but when I got home I decided to do my lunch for Friday and I couldn't actually make anything to eat as we had no gas for a few hours so I decided to order a takeaway so whilst I was waiting for that to come I decided to get a quick shower and dry my hair. Once it had arrived I decided to eat that and relax for a while, I then made sure I was up to date with blog posts and watched a few YouTube videos as usual, Once Luke had eaten his takeaway we decided to again watch a film and catch up on EastEnders as I had missed it a few times this week, Once I had done that we decided to turn the TV off and try get to sleep early again.

  Friday was a busy day at work for me as Friday is the day where we finish early and I always seem to have a lot of work to get done so I always stress! Today I had a bit of work to get done so I got on with it as I had to cover reception in the afternoon so I had to get as much done as I could- Once we finished work I went shopping with my mum as I needed a few essentials for the weekend and my mum wanted a few bits so we went together. Once I got home me and Luke had decided to spend some time together so we both got ready and had the evening together. When we got home I made myself a cup of tea and took some tablets as well been a girl isn't always great, I then cleansed my face and got into some comfy pj's as I needed to get comfortable. Once we were both comfortable we decided to watch TV together before I decided to try sleep as I was just ready to get cosy and fall asleep which I finally did. *Sorry for the short input!*

  Saturday was such a lovely day for me- I got up and wasn't feeling great as it was my 'girl time' so I woke up with the worst stomach ache and pains but decided to take some tablets, Luke gave me cuddles for a while until I was feeling better then we both had breakfast before starting to get ready. Luke washed my hair for me and we both then got ready, We decided to have a walk to a few shops which took us around an hour to walk to and we then took a walk to Luke's mum's before getting a bus into town for a few hours. Luke came in a few shops with me bless him, He didn't seem very comfortable in Body Shop and Lush with me haha. We then went to a few shops for Luke and we then came home. Once we were home we decided to just chill out for a while, I decided to have a look online for a few things whilst drinking a hot chocolate, I then watched a few YouTube video's before getting comfy in bed to watch a film with Luke. We then both got ready for bed and fell asleep.

  Sunday was another day I really enjoyed as me and Luke woke up around 9am and we both decided we watched to watch a film and we actually found a link to watch South Paw so we watched that and it was probably one of the best films I've watched for a while I really enjoyed it and it was a bit sad but it was good. Once that had finished we went downstairs so I could make myself a cup of tea and something to eat, Luke then decided to get dressed whilst I tidied the bedroom but Luke ended up helping me bless him. Once I'd tidied up I decided to get everything ready for work and decided to get a shower. I then made myself a cup of tea and a little snack to eat whilst I caught up with YouTube, I then decided to finish a few blog posts I've been doing recently and I cleaned my make up brushes. Once I'd done all that I decided to look online for some new clothes as I desperately need some new jeans and new tops for my wardrobe. I then made me and Luke something to eat before we settled down to watch a film which we then both fell asleep.

How was your week?

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