Sunday, 13 September 2015

Weekly Summary #12

Weekly Summary (07/09-13/09)

  Monday was actually quite a nice day at work as I had enough work to do so I could get on with my day and I was on top of my work so I wasn't getting stressed or anything like that, After work I quickly nipped to the bank with Luke before we went food shopping as Luke is on a health kick so he wanted some things for his lunches and I wanted a few bits too so we went there, Once we got home I decided to get tea out of the way as we were having chicken and salad. Luke prepared his stuff for the gym as he was going after work tomorrow and I then got changed and took my makeup off, I cleansed my face whilst listening to music. Once we had done what we needed to I quickly finished a blog post and we then watched TV for a while before we decided to watch a film which we then ended up falling asleep watching.

 Tuesday was another okay day at work, It didn't go as fast as Monday but I still had work to do so I didn't mind. Once work was done with I went home with my mum as Luke went to the gym straight from work, I decided to get a shower once I got home so that was out of the way- I have to admit I much preferred getting a shower straight after work. I then made my tea and ate that whilst watching TV, I made my lunch and changed my bag before sitting down to watch a bit of Netflix since Luke was still at the gym. Once I got bored of doing that I decided to make myself something to eat with a cup of tea and decided to watch some YouTube videos, When Luke came home he made himself something to eat before getting a shower. I decided to browse (Which is always a bad idea!) I then got the bedroom cosy ready to watch a film with Luke once it had finished we watched TV for a while before heading off to sleep.

  Wednesday was a nice day at work, I was really relaxed and just got on with the day I had work to do so I got on with it and the day actually did go really fast which was good, Once we got home I quickly got ready for my driving lesson which I have to say went really well and I was quite proud of myself as I feel as though I keep progressing each week which is really good- Once I got back I had my tea and sorted all my work stuff out then decided to catch up with some emails and YouTube before Luke got home, Luke made his tea before we went upstairs to watch TV. White Chicks was on so we decided to watch that as we both enjoy the film, Once we had watched it we both decided to get comfortable before we fell asleep.

  Thursday was one of my favourite days of this week so far as I was in a really good mood and the day seemed to fly by which I was happy about and it was also my early finish so that made it even better. Once we got home I nipped to the Post Office to get some forms to fill out and went to Tesco as I needed some new nails as mine was starting to look a little run down so I decided to pick up some more, When I was home I got a shower and dried my hair and cleansed my face. I then made my lunch for work then put my tea in the oven as we were having Lasagne and salad but my mum, dad and my little brother was going to the pet shop as my dad wants to buy a marine fish tank so I decided to put it on, When they got home I went and did my nails which I am really happy with! Look on my Instagram or twitter to see a picture. I then decided to catch up on my YouTube videos and then Luke was home from the gym so he made his tea and I made myself a cup of tea before we went upstairs to watch TV but Luke decided to soak in a bath so I sat talking to him for a while then left him to do whatever he needed to, I wanted to watch Prison Break again so I watched an episode of that and then watched normal TV until we fell asleep.

  Friday was actually an okay day at work and seemed to fly by and it's an early finish again so I'm always in a good mood but it was such a fatty day for food which I was really happy about as I haven't really eaten much fatty food recently so everyone in the office got like a breakfast sandwich so I decided to get one too and for the rest of the day I was just craving fatty foods which is never good, Once we got home from work me and Luke got ready as we were both going out together so we went out for a while then went back to his mum's for a little while, We then decided to walk back home and once we were home we actually got a Mcdonalds for our tea as my mum offered to take us to get one so we had that for our tea. Once we got back we went and ate it upstairs whilst watching TV, We decided then to get comfy and cuddle watching films which is what we did and we then fell asleep.

  Saturday was probably my favourite day of this week as when I woke up Luke was still snoozing so I decided to make my breakfast and a cup of tea and take it upstairs to watch TV which Luke was awake when I went back upstairs, We decided to just watch TV for a while before starting to get ready- Once we were both ready we took a slow walk to Luke's mums again for a little while which we then got a taxi into our city centre as we had decided to go watch a film at the cinema, We went to see American Ultra and I have to say we both weren't very impressed with it. I think we both enjoyed the Ice Blasts and popcorn more than anything. We decided to then go for something to eat so I decided we should go to Frankie & Benny's so we went there and had a nice meal together, We then got a taxi to Luke's mums again as he had left his stuff there so he didn't have to carry stuff around as I had decided to take a small bag with me. We then took a slow walk back to ours and went straight upstairs as we were both just knackered. We decided to watch TV for a while before we both decided to just get comfy and fall asleep as we were so tired.

  Sunday was a nice relaxing day for me which is something I just needed to do as my body was aching from all the walking we had done over the weekend and stuff like that, I really enjoyed this weekend though which is good and it was nice to just spend time with Luke. Once me and Luke were awake I decided to make myself something to eat and a cup of tea and we both watched some TV for a while before I decided to get up and get some stuff done so whilst Luke sorted out his wardrobe I made lunch for work and sorted our work clothes out (Hate this part of a Sunday!) I then made something to eat as I was quite hungry. After that Luke washed my hair for me as I didn't need to get a full on bath as I had one on Saturday so I just wanted to wash my hair, I dried that then decided to catch up on some YouTube video's before making myself something to eat whilst I wrote some blog posts. Once I'd done all that I decided to just relax for the rest of the evening so I decided to just watch YouTube videos with a snack and a cup of tea. Once Luke was home we made ourselves something to eat and watched TV as we both wanted to watch 'This is England 90' so we both got comfy ready to watch that, Once it had finished we decided to get comfy and try go to sleep.
How was your week? 

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