Sunday, 20 September 2015

Weekly Summary #13

Weekly Summary (14/09-20/09)

  Monday was the longest day for so long! I hadn't had much sleep so I was really tired but I tried my best to just get on with the day, I didn't have loads of work to do but I just kept myself busy and tried not to look at the clock (Didn't work very well!) Once I got out of work me and my mum went to the local pet shop to get some more water for the fish tank as there wasn't enough to get it up and running. Once we'd done that we went to the shop as we needed some bits and I also needed the bank for my driving tomorrow, After that I got a quick shower and cleansed my face before drying my hair. I made tea with my mum and my lunch for tomorrow and decided to just chill on the sofa with my fleece blanket watching YouTube videos as I didn't have the energy to do much, I then had a phone conversation with Luke as he was on his way home from the gym. Once Luke was home he made his tea and we went upstairs to watch TV like we usually do, I started to feel a bit hungry so I came back down and made myself a cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of porridge which I then took back upstairs- Once we'd both eaten we turned all the lights off and watched TV for a while before we fell asleep.

  Tuesday was an okay day at work I had actually got a few tasks which I knew would take me a while so I decided to just take my time on them and the day literally flew by which was so good! Once I got home I quickly got changed and decided to just listen to music for a while as Luke had gone to the gym and I had my driving lesson at half 5, So I decided to just relax before my lesson. Once I got back from my driving I had my tea and did mine and Luke's lunches for Wednesday.  It was 'Opening Evening' at my old high school which is where my little brother is wanting to go so we actually went to my old school to walk around so my little brother could see how it was, I saw a lot of my old teachers and it just made me realise how quickly time goes- I have to admit I realised I would go back to school within a heartbeat if I could. After that I went and got changed and washed my face, I decided I was just going to chill out as Luke normally rings me on his way home and we're on the phone a while so I waited for him to call, Once we were on the phone I decided to start running a bath for him as I knew he was going to do it when he gets home so I thought I would. I decided to reply to emails whilst Luke was in the bath which I did, We went and made ourselves something to eat and a hot drink which we took upstairs to watch TV as we normally do. We took our plates back downstairs and decided to just watch TV for a little longer before we fell asleep.

  Wednesday was actually another good day at work I'm not too sure what's happening this week, It actually hasn't been a bad week work wise so far so I'm happy. Again I just got on with my work as I wanted the day to pass quite quickly which it did, I have to admit Luke cheered me up at work as he complimented my cooking which I had done for his lunch (Definitely cheered me up!) Once we got home we went food shopping for a few food bits which I do enjoy shopping for food so when we had finished doing that we went home and I decided to prepare mine and Luke's tea which we had pasta and meatballs. It was actually really nice, Once I'd done that I made lunches and got a quick shower. I decided to change my bag and my purse as I now have a new one (A Vivienne Westwood one!) So beautiful! I decided to sort my nails out as I'm now sticking to false nails rather than nail polish as I think they look better. Time literally flew tonight so it was bedtime before I knew it I decided to just get comfy in bed before me and Luke cuddled before falling asleep.

  Thursday was another good day at work as it literally flew so quick and I'm starting to get a little busier now so I feel as though the days are going quick because I have quite a few jobs to get done in the day (I'm not complaining though!) After work I went home with my mum as Luke was at the gym again. I decided to have my tea first before anything else and we had salad, chicken and potatoes it was really nice! Once I had done that I made lunches and got changed into some comfy clothes and cleansed my face, I was literally freezing so I got Luke's jacket and a fleece blanket and sat downstairs with my laptop watching some YouTube video's and typing up some blog posts- I attempted to take some blog photo's but well the lightening was rubbish! Once I'd done what I needed to I decided to make myself a cup and tea and eat a piece of chocolate cake, I decided to watch a few YouTube video's then read my book for a while. Once Luke was on his way home he rung me as usual and we talked until he got home. Once he was home he had his tea and we decided to watch some films before we both fell asleep.

  Friday was actually another okay day at work and it did go fast which was a good end to the working week- Finishing at 3pm is also always a good thing on a Friday. Once we got home me and Luke made our bed as it had been stripped in the day by my nan, After I'd done that I decided to get changed and get a quick shower as I just didn't feel great and I thought a shower may help (It didn't) so I decided to get myself into some comfy clothes and get a blanket and sit downstairs with my laptop for a while, I made myself a cup of tea and we got a takeaway for tea. I sat and watched some YouTube videos for a while then decided to read for a while as I want to get back into reading, I think I may be in a reading slump at the moment. After I'd done that I decided to make myself some comfort food so I had some porridge and a hot chocolate- When Luke was home we just laid in bed cuddling watching Netflix as I literally felt horrendous... Not the best way to start the weekend, We then turned the TV and lights off and attempted to go to sleep.

  Saturday was probably one of those days where I woke up feeling productive but I actually didn't end up being that productive which is usually the case. I woke up as Luke went to the toilet so I decided to go make us both a cup of tea and I wanted some breakfast. Luke has a cold so he wasn't really in the mood for eating but we decided to sit and watch TV for a while then we did a little DIY on our bed as it just wasn't right so we decided to make it a little stronger and stuff, Once we'd done that I cleaned the bedroom and got changed. I decided to put some make-up on as I was just feeling just dressing up a little although I wasn't doing anything, I decided to take some blog photo's as the lighting and weather was quite good today so I decided to get them done and out of the way for the next few posts. Once I'd done all that I decided to have a snack with a cup of tea- I have an obsession with 'What I Ate' video's on YouTube so I decided to watch a few video's for a while. I then decided to get a few blog posts done as that was what I had intended on doing but hadn't got round to. Once I'd done all that I went to take my make-up off and get into some more comfy clothes before cleansing my face, I then sat back with my laptop for a while before I decided to read for a while. I then made me and Luke something to eat before we both went up to bed to watch TV for a little while as usual, We then decided it was getting a little late so we turned the TV off and went to sleep.

  Sunday is one of my favourite days of the week as I just feel relaxed and this is the day where I actually make time for some 'me' time, I woke up around 9:30 with Luke and we had a breakfast and a cup of tea whilst watching TV, I decided to get a bit done so I made lunch for work and did our ironing. Once I'd done all that I ate my dinner then I ran myself a bath so I could have some 'me' time and I then decided to just get my fleece blanket and sit downstairs to watch some YouTube videos as I didn't feel great as I think I'm starting to get a cold (Luke's germs!) Once Luke was home he had something to eat then we just watched films the rest of the night, I lit candles and stuff so it was cosy. Once we were both tired we decided to go to sleep whilst cuddling.
How was your week?

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