Sunday, 27 September 2015

Weekly Summary #14

(Weekly Summary 21/09-27/09)

  Monday was actually a really good day at work as I was quite busy so the day actually passed really quickly, After work we actually went to get a few food bits and bobs for the rest of the week and we then went home and I did lunch for Tuesday and our internet actually stopped working which meant I couldn't watch any YouTube videos or do any blog stuff so I decided to just read a book and watch TV with my mum, Once Luke came home he made something to eat and we had to watch normal TV with the Roku box been down so we couldn't watch a film or anything, So we decided since there was nothing on TV which we actually wanted to watch we decided to just get an early night.

  Tuesday morning I woke up feeling a little worse than I expected to as my cold had gotten worse through the night so I took some tablets and had some breakfast before I decided to get ready for work, Work was really busy again as I had to catch up as I had Wednesday off so I made sure all my work was actually done. After work me and Luke decided to sit downstairs for a little while as my mum was ringing the internet company and she wanted me to help her with the phone call as she had no idea how to work the modem or anything, We headed back upstairs as I wanted to get a shower and Luke decided to play on his PlayStation for a little while. The internet still wasn't working so I decided to read again before watching a film with my mum, dad and little brother. When it got a little later me and Luke decided to get a late treat before we watched our film and get comfy for bed so we decided to get some Viennetta each even though it was a bad idea as it was so late! Once we'd eaten that and watched the film we decided to go to sleep.

  Wednesday was a good day for me as I wasn't at work but decided to sit with Luke whilst he got ready, Once he had set off for work I decided to make myself a cup of tea and something to eat before I got ready to take my little brother to school. On the way back to the car me and my mum had to climb over the little fence as the school had locked the gate (Always happens to us!) I had the dentist at 10:30 so we decided to go spend some time at my nans before going to the dentist, I just want to say it's so expensive at the dentist so I left £220 cheaper as that is what it cost me at the dentist unbelievable! After the dentist me and my mum went back to my nans as we were off shopping with her, We stopped off for some lunch before shopping again for a while. At 3 we picked my little brother up and went home I decided to just chill for a while as I had my driving at 5:30 once I was ready and dressed I went for my lesson- It went really well again which I'm really happy about so finally getting there. After my lesson I had my tea before doing the lunch for Thursday at work, I then went and cleansed my face before getting into some comfy clothes to watch TV with my mum then decided to read again for a while, I was actually really tired so me and Luke decided to watch TV for a little while then decided to go to sleep.

  Thursday was actually an okay day at work it went really fast and I was quite busy and it was my early finish so I was happy about that, I was really busy so the day flew by and at the end of the day I had a little gossip and chat as I had no energy to carry on. Once I got home from work me and Luke decided to just sit and talk for a while which is something I really enjoy when we do it- I then got a nice shower before tea which was a chinese! After that I did my nails again which I'm really happy with, I decided I was going to read again even though the internet is back on so I went and made myself a cup of tea before settling down with my book which I actually finished finally, Once Luke was home he had his Chinese and we decided to watch TV for a while but we were actually both really tired so we both fell asleep.

  Friday was a good day for me at work as it was my last day for a week which I'm so happy about but I knew I had to catch up with everything so I knew the day would actually fly by which it did- It was my late thought which meant I had to stay until 4 but I actually didn't mind as it gave me another hour if I needed to finish anything else. Once we got home I decided to just chill out for a while so I decided to just sit on the bed for a while as I was just relaxed, I made myself something to eat so I made pasta and meatballs for me and Luke which I put his in the microwave. I decided to go and get changed into some comfy clothes and take my make-up off, I changed my nails as I wasn't really happy with my last set so I put a new pair on (I love these!) My ring arrived today which I'm so in love with! I may do a blog post on it possibly. I ordered my mum a birthday card from Moonpig and decided to watch a few YouTube videos before doing a few blog posts. Once Luke was home he had asked me to set up his PlayStation so it could update which meant one thing- He would be playing that so I decided to read my new book whilst he played that for a while. We decided to watch some films on our Roku box before we both decided to cuddle and go to sleep.

  Saturday was such a lovely start to the weekend, I woke up to Luke cuddling me which always cheers me up. Once we had both woke up I made breakfast and we decided to watch a film on Luke's phone when that had finished we had a little play fight as usual- It's become like a weekend thing now, I decided to then make the bed and we had some lunch which we got some sandwiches from a shop near ours. Once we'd eaten that Luke was getting ready as he was off to get his haircut and I decided to just stay in as I wanted to just get a nice shower and chill out as I haven't been paid yet but every other bank has (Annoying!) Once I'd had a shower I decided to watch a few YouTube videos with a cup of tea. I watched a bit of TV before making something to eat, After that I decided to read for a little while as I had got back into it. Once Luke was home he had something to eat and we decided to watch TV before watching some films Toystory I may just add was what we decided on, Luke was falling asleep so I decided to watch the rest of it then turn the TV off and go to sleep myself.

  Sunday was one of those lazy days for me I actually had no energy to get up and get stuff done I just couldn't help it. I woke up around 8 to Luke going to the toilet once he was back he fell asleep yet I was wide awake now- Typical. So I got up around 9 to make myself some breakfast and a cup of tea. I decided to read some blogs whilst I was cuddled up in bed with Luke snoozing beside me, Once Luke was awake we watched some TV as we usually do before he decided to get ready and get a shower. I still had no energy so I was just in bed watching rugby before I decided to get up and clean around which is what I had planned, Once I'd started I had a like 40 minute break where I watched YouTube videos for a little while but I soon cracked back on with it and got it done. After I had eaten my dinner I decided to run myself a nice relaxing bath as I really needed to have a pamper evening and spend some time on my face as my acne has suddenly reappeared (Great!) so that was my plan for the evening, Once I'd done all that I decided to do some blog posts for a while with a cup of tea until I decided I just wanted to read and watch some TV which is what I decided on, When Luke was home he had something to eat and we laid in bed watching some films cuddling as since we both don't have work tomorrow we were in no rush to go to sleep.
How was your week?

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