Friday, 23 October 2015

Current Favourite Perfumes

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to be sharing my current perfumes which I have been reaching for the most for the last couple of months.

  These perfumes are both quite recent purchases and others are one's I've had for years (Literally!) For some reason I've suddenly started to enjoy buying perfumes and keep searching for a new one to buy- Think I'm getting an addiction to them.

  Cheeky Alice- Vivienne Westwood is a perfume I got when I was around 15 I think but at that time I wasn't really into swapping perfumes and I just stuck to the same one so this one was always at the back of them. This smells incredible to me I really love the scent of this- It's a perfume I like to wear either for work or on a weekend when I'm dressed up as I feel it's a sophisticated scent, I'm nearly out of this but I'll definitely buy it again, The lasting power of this I think is great as I can still smell it on myself hours after I've applied it.
  Burberry- Brit I'm not too sure if this is what the perfume is actually called as again this is a really old perfume and I haven't kept the packaging and there's no writing or anything on the bottle but this perfume is one I've only recently fallen in love with- I decided to throw this in my bag not literally but you know, I thought I'd use this at work like at lunch so I smell nice and I've been getting so many compliments when I've been wearing this. The scent of this is one which definitely smells better once it's been on a while as at first it's a little strong but once it's sunk into your skin or clothes it's smells incredible- The lasting power of this is actually really good I apply it around 1pm and can still smell it on myself at around 6pm.

  Luck- Avon This is a more recent perfume purchase as I only bought this a few months ago as the tester in the Avon catalogue smelt so good! It's more of a musky scent which is a scent I used to reach for all the time recently not as much but I still love wearing this as it has a girly scent whilst it's still been musky- The lasting power isn't great for this but I do love wearing this and for the price you can't complain.
What's your favourite perfume?


  1. Is the cheeky Alice perfume sweet? I love all this Vivienne Westwood and am looking for a sweet, fresh and fruity fragrance ? :)
    Dolly Lou X

  2. It's like a sweet musky scent it's definitely my favourite and I really recommend it! You'll like it if you love all the Vivienne Westwood perfumes:)
    Meg xo