Friday, 9 October 2015

My Everyday Essentials

Hello Everyone!
So today I thought I would share with you the make-up products I use on a daily basis to wear to work or when I'm going out on the weekends.

  I use most of these on a daily basis but I do switch up my mascara's and lipsticks depending on my mood and how I'm wanting my make-up to look on that certain day.
(L-R) L'OREAL Match Perfection in N1 Ivory
Revlon Colourstay in 101 Ivory
Collection Pressed powder in 18 Ivory

  L'oreal match perfection was a foundation I swore by a few years ago as it made my skin flawless and the colour matched perfectly (As the name states!) But I run out of it and never repurchased until quite recently I use this to add a bit more colour to my skin as this has a bit more colour than the Revlon one.
  Revlon colourstay is my holygrail foundation by far as this is the combination/Oily formula so this is perfect for my skin type again the colour matches me perfectly and this does last throughout the day which is something I need when I'm at work most of the day- The downside no pump!
  Collection powder is a powder I have used for years it's a normal setting powder but does the job.
(L-R) Maybelline Falsies in Black Drama
Collection Fast Stroke in Black 1
Max Factor 2000 Calorie in Black
L'OREAL Volime Million Lashes in Extra Black

Maybelline falsies is a mascara I have always wanted to try so I picked it up recently and I'm so glad I did as this turns my lashes into something I never imagined they would they brush is such a great brush also definitely recommend this if you struggle with your lashes.
  Collection fast stroke liner is a liquid liner I have used since I started applying a liner I find this so easy to apply and would never choose anything else as this is such a dramatic black it looks great when wearing a flick.
  Max Factor 2000 calorie is one of my most recent purchase which you can read HERE if you would like to see a more in depth opinion on it. I love it though!
  L'Oreal Volume million lashes is another mascara I praise as it does amazing things to my lashes by adding volume I don't really like the brush as it is a plastic brush but I use this daily.
(L-R) Max Factor Lipstick in Rosewood 833
Maybelline Colour Sensation in 323 I Love Plum
Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream
  Max Factor's lipstick is a new lipstick which I bought because the packaging was stunning and I have to admit I bought this not expecting to like the shade but I have wore this daily as it's such a lovely pinky nude which is great for everyday will definitely look at the other shades.
  Maybelline colour sensations are my favourite lipsticks as they are so moisturising and they have such incredible colours this is a pinky colour which shimmer running through this again I wear this on a daily basis as it compliments my skin tone.
  Nivea lip butters are my favourite lip balms as they are so moisturising and smell divine! They are great to apply before you start your make-up as they make your lips so soft and ready to apply lipstick when you've applied your make-up I'm sure I have them all so far!

What's your everyday essentials?

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