Friday, 16 October 2015

Skincare Routine

Hello Everyone!
  So today I'm going to share with you my skincare routine which changes frequently but I feel as though this will be my routine for a very long time.

  I have oily skin so I tend to pick up products which I've researched into but most of these products I just picked up at a whim to see what they were like and I'm so glad I did pick these up- I definitely don't regret these products at all, As I said I have oily skin so there's products would work wonders if your like me.
Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk
  I had wanted to try some Soap and Glory skincare for a while so I decided to pick this up as I wanted to try something which I could use to take my makeup off. I take my eye makeup off with a face wipe and I then wet my face and apply three pumps of this to my face and massage it in, Once I've done that I then wash it off with warm water and pat my face dry.
Soap and Glory Micellar Make Up Remover
  This is one of those products where I just feel so refreshed when I apply this, I use this with a cotton pad which I just swipe over my face to get the excess makeup off my face which the cleansing milk doesn't get rid of- I have to admit this does get rid of a lot of excess makeup on my skin.
Biore Charcoal Pore Minimiser
  This is a face cleanser which I only apply around twice a week so I mainly apply this when I have a lot of time so I can take my time with my skincare. This is a pore minimiser so I thought this would be a good idea for me as my pores are quite large with me having oily skin, I have to say I have seen a little improvement with my pores so I'm guessing this is working. I have to say though this seems to run out quite quickly which is annoying as I know it will run out before my face wash but nevermind I still like this nevertheless.
Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser
  This is a face wash which I apply after I have used the Pore minimiser, This makes my skin feel so clean afterwards as you can feel your skin tingling. It's a deep pore cleanser and I just have to say you know it does a deep clean to your skin as it really does make my skin feel so clean once I have washed it off.
Simple Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser
  I apply this with a cotton pad and swipe it over my skin, I must say this has a gel consistency which I actually something I quite like, This is again another pore minimising product but I do think this helps my skin in many ways so I never miss this step as I can always see a difference when I do miss it which I regret not using this instantly- This is a very inexpensive product so that's a bonus.
Quick Fix Anti-Blemish Mud Mask
  This is a product I only use when its my 'pamper' evening and I have to say I do actually really like this product as I feel this is perfect for my skin. This is a mud mask for Oily and spot prone skin so this is perfect for me, The consistency is a thick cream which is a light brown shade as it is actually mud which is in the mask, You can get 10 facials out of this but I feel like you can get a lot more as I don't apply too much to my face as I feel like I would waste it otherwise so I apply just the right amount- I really like this mask.
Balancing Mattifying Moisturiser and Maple Holistics Anti Aging Serum
  I bought this moisturiser quite recently as I wanted one which would mattify my skin before I applied my foundation and I have to say this does the trick- It's a cream consistency and it's quite thick which I have to say it does actually make my skin feel very different to how it does when I have nothing on my skin, This was very inexpensive and it's probably one of my favourite moisturiser that I own.   
  The Maple Holistics serum is another thing which I have only recently added into my routine as I was mainly using this for a trial period but I enjoyed using it that much I decided to keep it a permanent thing, This is an oily consistency as it's a serum but I feel as though my skin has felt and looked more awake and glowing which I can only say is by the serum as it's something I have never used on my skin before.

  These products have worked wonders on my skin as it's now a lot more clearer and looks more awake, I have to say I'm not the best at keeping to a skin care routine but because I have seen improvements I have actually made the time to stick to it, I use products which are inexpensive as I prefer to pick these products as if they don't agree with my skin I haven't lost out on much, As my skin is quite picky with what works and what doesn't but these work wonders.
Have you used any of these products?

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  1. Which pore minimiser works faster and effectively? The Biore or the Simple