Monday, 5 October 2015


Hello Everyone!
  It's Monday again and well I can say it's ramble time again- Quite a nice one this week though.

  So this week is time to get back in a routine as I'm back to work after having a week off, I can't really say I'm happy about this but well getting back into a routine will be quite nice as I'm the sort of person who likes to be organised and know what I have coming up each day rather than taking it how it comes I don't like the unknown. So I guess that's a good thing- This weekend was one of those which I dread every month (Girls will know what I mean) These weekends I can't really do much as let's just say I don't have the energy to move around and go out, I would much prefer to sit watching Netflix with a bar of chocolate and endless cups of tea. I had to cancel doing a few things this weekend because of that which I was disappointed about but hey I just needed to do other things to take my mind of it which is something I did. Weekends like this I decided to just do things which I normally can't make time for like reading, Typing up some blog posts and catching up on YouTube videos which is something I didn't want to do this weekend but I couldn't really do much else because of how I felt but never mind. Been a girl has it's perks but also it's downfalls.
Anyways, Here's to a good week and getting back into a routine (Hopefully!)
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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