Sunday, 11 October 2015

Weekly Summary #16

(Weekly Summary 05/10-11/10)

  Monday was an okay start to the week as I woke up around 6 to Luke cuddling me and I then got up at half 6 for work, I had my breakfast and a cup of tea and then I went to get ready and do my make-up and I was really happy with my make-up. Work was actually okay as I was catching up and the day flew, We also changed around in the office so I now have a different desk which just confuses me haha! Once we got home me and Luke had to check the lizard tanks to make sure they were both okay, I then had my tea which was omelette before I got changed and took my make-up off. I decided to watch some YouTube videos before actually just sitting and reading for a while- Once Luke was home he had his omelette and we then just cuddled in bed watching TV before we both decided to turn the lights off and just watch TV before we went to sleep- I have to say this was an okay Monday to say it was back to work.

  Tuesday was an okay day at work as the day flew with me catching up still which I'm finally there thank god! After work we went shopping as I needed a few food bits for work for when I'm at my desk and stuff as I'm not wanting to eat chocolate any more so I'm moving onto cereal bars and stuff like that and just treating myself with chocolate once in a while I have to say I'm quite enjoying it. Once we got home from shopping Luke decided to sort his bike out as he wasn't going out and I decided to have my tea first before I did anything else which I made myself a stir-fry but Luke wasn't hungry. I had a shower and decided to just watch TV for a while as Luke was in a mood because he found something wrong with his bike when he started to clean it so the atmosphere wasn't great but I decided to just stay out of it and watch TV, Once I started to get tired I decided to turn all the lights and TV off before we both fell asleep.

  Wednesday was a lot better for me as in the morning I woke up feeling more awake than I normally do but I was still tired, Luke was in a better mood which is always good. Work was also okay today as we have now decided in the office to do like a switch so I'm now covering reception in the afternoon and I have to say my mornings fly as I'm trying to make sure I get all my work done before 12 which is when I start covering reception and the afternoon dragged a little but I just got on with it. After work I had my driving lesson at half 5 so I went home and got ready for that, Today was Luke's first driving lesson too which he went straight after me- My lesson went so well as I now feel I have learnt from my mistakes and have progressed really well I was so happy after my lesson. Luke's lesson I think went well for his first one he said he was really nervous but I told him I was like that and he'll get more confident. While Luke was at his driving I had my tea, got changed, took my make-up off and watched a few YouTube video's whilst I waited for Luke to get home. Once he was home he had his tea and we decided to chill out upstairs so we lit some candles and watched some TV before deciding to watch a film on the Roku box before we both fell asleep (We turned the candles off first though!)

  Thursday was an okay day at work as it was my early so I was on reception until half 8 and I then went upstairs to catch up on my work until 12 which is when I cover reception for the rest of the afternoon. Once we got home me and my mum quickly went and got our hair trimmed as I'm attempting to grow my hair so I needed it to be neatened up and my mum was also just getting a trim. Once we were home we all had tea before I got a shower and put some false nails on whilst Luke was sorting his bike, He nipped to his mum's so I decided to just watch a few YouTube videos. Once he got home we ended up just getting into bed and cuddling whilst watching some TV as I wasn't feeling great and Luke was tired so Thursday wasn't very eventful.

  Friday was a good day at work as it literally flew by as I was so busy and around 12 I got given a job which I knew would take me hours to do so I decided to bring the work home to try and get in front with it before Monday morning so good luck to me and hopefully I get it done! Once we got home from work Luke was going to meet one of his friends for a bike ride so I decided to try get as much done as I could but I wasn't in the best of moods as I had a headache so I got as much done as I felt like I could, Once I was half way through the work I decided to watch a few YouTube videos and give myself a break with a cup of tea so I did that, I was helping my mum get to grips with her new phone as she was a little confused by it. Once Luke was home he had something to eat and we decided to watch some films on Roku box so me and Luke decided to cuddle for a while until we fell asleep- But it took a while as for some reason we just couldn't fall asleep.

  Saturday was such a lovely day- Me and Luke woke up around 9am and decided to just lay and cuddle for a while until I decided to get up and make myself a cup of tea and some breakfast before I carried on with the work I had to do, I then had a break and sat talking to Luke for a while until we decided to sit and listen to some music together which turns into like dancing and singing haha! I then carried on working for a while until I went and got a shower before getting ready as me and Luke was going to his mum's for a little while as I needed a break, Once we got back from Luke's mum's we had something to eat and sat talking again for a while until we went back upstairs and I carried on doing some work and Luke nipped out for a while as he would of just been sat on his own for a while whilst I did some work so I listened to music and watched some YouTube videos whilst doing the work- Once Luke was home we had some cuddles with a cup of tea each and watched some films on the Roku box before we decided to cuddle before we both fell asleep.

  Sunday was an okay day as I woke up around half 10 with Luke who had woke up really poorly so I went downstairs and made myself some breakfast and a cup of tea for myself and found some tablets for Luke, I took them upstairs and we watched TV for a while before we sat and talked for a while. I had some work still left to finish which I wont get it all done this weekend, So I decided to do a bit of that whilst Luke watched TV for a while. I decided to go get the lunches done for work tomorrow and iron my clothes, I then had lunch which we were having spaghetti bolognese which is one of my favourites so that cheered me up. Once I had eaten I decided to go upstairs and sort all my work stuff out and clean my make-up brushes, I then decided to watch a few YouTube videos and stuff before carrying on with the work for a little bit which I had Netflix on in the background- I started watching Narcos. Once Luke was back we had some cuddles and decided to try get some sleep as we were both really tired.

How was your week?

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