Sunday, 18 October 2015

Weekly Summary #17

(Weekly Summary 12/10-18/10)

  Monday was a busy day at work as I was really stressed with the work I had been doing over the weekend as I still hadn't finished it. Luke was really poorly so he hadn't actually gone to work so when I got home I had to creep around as he was still sleeping, I decided to have a nice shower and chill out for a bit. I then did my lunch for tomorrow and made my tea which was salad and ham&cheese potato skins (It was so nice!) I also had a cup of tea with it and watched some TV once I'd done that I decided to chill and watch some YouTube videos before I read for a while, Me and Luke decided to get an early night as he still didn't feel great and well I was just so tired from work I decided to try get some sleep too.

  Tuesday was such a chilled day compared to Monday but I really enjoyed it as I could get on with my work in my own pace which was nice. After work I didn't have my driving until half 6 so Luke still didn't feel great so we cuddled for a little bit before I got ready and made myself something to eat before my driving, Once I got back from my lesson I got changed and took my make-up off before having tea which was a full english breakfast which was so nice! I was waiting for Luke to get home so I decided to listen to some music and watch some YouTube videos. Once Luke was home he had his tea and we went and watched some movies in bed whilst we cuddled until we both decided we should sleep- My driving lesson went really well this week as it just seems to have clicked now which is such a good thing, I came out of the lesson in the best mood I could of been in. Luke's lesson also went really well which is good, To say it's his second lesson he seems to be picking it up really quickly which is so good.

  Wednesday was a busy day as we have a big meeting so we had to make sure everything was prepared and everything for the morning which I actually enjoy doing stuff like that. Once we got home Luke went to his mum's straight from work so I came home and got a nice shower before making myself something to eat, Once I'd eaten I did my lunch for work and decided to try and finish my book- I'm nearly there. I watched some YouTube video's before decided to just watch TV for a while. When Luke got in he made himself something to eat and we went to watch some films on the Roku box before we turned all the lights off and decided to just lay chatting for a while before we cuddled and fell asleep. As you can see from the input I didn't really have a lot of energy to keep updating it so I apologise.

  Thursday was actually a nice day at work as I was quite busy with the visitors arriving I had to make sure everything was set up which is something I actually enjoy doing so I didn't mind it and I just kept myself busy throughout the afternoon until the end of the day, After work we nipped to a shop and I got a few bits whilst my mum took a lamp back as it had broke. Once we were home Luke went out and I went shopping with my mum, dad and little brother as my mum was wanting some new tiles for the kitchen. When we got back I decided I wanted to have a chinese for tea so I ordered myself that and ordered Luke a pizza for when he got home. Once I'd eaten that I got changed and took my make-up off and watched some YouTube videos before I read for a while, Once Luke got home he ate his pizza then we cuddled watching TV and I wanted to watch Celebrity Juice so we watched that then we both decided to go to sleep.

  Friday was an okay day at work actually as it went so quick and I was actually in such a good mood- Once we got home me and Luke nipped to Tesco so I could get a few bits for my mum so she didn't have to go out as she still isn't feeling great, Me and Luke also got a subway which we brought home and ate whilst talking. we actually sat talking for around about two hours about rubbish but I love when were both in moods like that, Luke ran me a bath before he got ready which was so sweet of him. I got a bath before I painted my nails and I decided to make myself the rest of my Chinese before I decided to type up a few blog posts whilst watching some YouTube videos. Once Luke was home we laid in bed watching some films whilst eating some chocolate before we decided to cuddle whist watching the rest of the film, Once we started falling asleep we decided to turn everything off and fall asleep.

  Saturday wasn't the best start to the weekend as I woke up feeling horrendous I just felt really sick with bad stomach cramps so I decided to get up and make myself some breakfast so I had some toast with a cup of tea, Luke was still asleep when I came back upstairs so I decided to just read my book which I finally finished it! Woo... Once Luke woke up he must of known I didn't feel great as when he woke up he just cuddled me for a while, We watched TV for a while before we just cuddled again for a bit. Luke decided to go to his mum's and I just didn't feel great so I decided to just stay in and catch up on a few things. I watched a few YouTube videos before cleaning the bedroom, I decided to have something to eat then make myself a cup of tea to watch some YouTube videos again whilst typing up some blog posts. When Luke got home we decided to watch some films again before we cuddled and fell asleep.

  Sunday was such a lovely relaxing day for me and I really enjoyed it, I woke up around 9 and decided to get myself some breakfast and a cup of tea. I took it back upstairs and caught up on social media, I decided to read my book for a while which actually turned into a few hours. Once Luke had woke up I decided to get a quick shower whilst he got ready, Luke was nipping out for a bit so I thought I may aswell catch up on a few bits and bobs mainly blog stuff. I decided to make myself a warm drink and I watched a few more episodes of 90210 on Netflix which I'm really enjoying. I helped make dinner as my mum still wasn't feeling great and I then went back to watching Netflix, Once Luke was home he had his dinner and we went upstairs and watched TV for a while. Since it was Sunday night we normally try and go to sleep quite early so we did actually get to sleep early enough which was good for us.
How was your week?

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