Sunday, 25 October 2015

Weekly Summary #18

(Weekly Summary 19/10-25/10)

  Monday was such a stressful day but I really also enjoyed the day, Work was annoying and stressful as it was direct debit run so I had to obviously concentrate a lot and nothing was going right. At lunch I went to Morrison's with two of the girls from work and well I enjoyed to get out for a little while. After work I asked Luke if we would come to Tesco with me after I had been to the doctors so we took a walk up and went shopping round Tesco to get a few things (Mainly it was all food! haha) After that we went to Subway and got a sandwich for each of us and we walked back home. Once we got home and ate our sandwiches I had to go back up to get my little brother one so when I got back I cleansed my face and got changed. I cleaned a few of my make-up brushes as I completely forgot at the weekend. When I had done all that I decided to watch TV for a while and I then made myself something to eat and I then watched Netflix on my phone whilst I ate and then I decided to read for a while as I had got back into it. When Luke got back he had something to eat and we watched TV, We cuddled for a while and we then fell asleep.

  Tuesday  was an okay day at work as it was a nice calm day and I wasn't too stressed out which was good, After work when I got home I got a quick shower and then sat with my mum for a while as she's been poorly recently so I just wanted to spend some time with her. Once I'd done that I decided to make my lunch for tomorrow and made myself a cup of tea. I watched some more 90210 on Netflix before I caught up on some YouTube videos. I decided to read for a little bit before Luke got home, When Luke got home we watched some TV programmes on Netflix whilst cuddling and eating some sweets which Luke very kindly bought when he went to the shop.

  Wednesday was another okay day I felt better though as I knew we were half day through the week I think it's just one of those weeks (Well hopefully!) When I got home from work I quickly got changed and made my lunch for tomorrow before I had my tea which was Spaghetti Bolognese which I really enjoyed. I had my driving tonight but it didn't go great and well it just put me in such a bad mood, But oh well I have to admit I've had a good few weeks for so long now I had to have a bad one sooner or later so oh well. Once I got home I just sat with my mum whilst Luke was on his driving, When he got home we quickly went upstairs as Keith Lemon was doing a 'Back To The Future' tribute and I really wanted to watch it, Once we'd watched that I decided to make myself a hot drink whilst we watched TV for a bit longer before me and Luke decided to cuddle and fall asleep- I think Luke knew I wasn't in the best of moods so he just cuddled me until I fell asleep.

  Thursday was actually a good day today thank god, At work I was actually really busy and was in a good mood even though I had the worst headache I've ever had. After work me and Luke walked to our local Tesco as I needed the bank and I wanted to get some food to have for my lunch tomorrow, Once we got home I did Luke's lunch for tomorrow and then had my tea. I got a shower and decided to watch some YouTube videos before reading for a while with a cup of tea, Once Luke was home we cuddled and watched TV for a while until we decided to try get to sleep. (Sorry for the short input)

  Friday was such a good day for me I was in such a good mood as it was the weekend and work was quite busy so it actually flew thank god, It was one of the girl's birthday so I decorated my desk before we swapped at 12 with balloons and banners as it was her 21st I was quite happy with how it looked. After work I had really bad stomach ache so I decided to get a nice bubble bath with the Lush's 'The Experimenter' bath bomb I loved it the water went green with glitter in it, It was so pretty! When I got out I had something to eat and watched a few YouTube videos before I dried my hair. I changed my bag and starting watching some YouTube videos again before watching Netflix (I'm watching 90210) When Luke got back from his friends we cuddled in bed watching some catch up TV before we put the Roku box on and watched some films. We fell asleep cuddling and when I woke up I switched the TV off and cuddled Luke again before dropping back off to sleep- It was so nice knowing I didn't have work for next few days.

  Saturday was a day which I did enjoy for some reason, I woke up around 10 am with Luke going to the toilet I must of been tired to actually sleep until that time on a morning it's definitely not like me, I got up and had some breakfast before sitting with Luke in bed watching TV and we were both browsing the internet on our phones, I got dressed and did my make-up before Luke got ready as we were taking his bike to the shop to see if it could get serviced as Luke's just not happy with it. When we got home Luke was going to his mum's for a while and I wasn't feeling great so I decided to come home and clean the bedroom before I got changed into some comfy clothes and watched some YouTube videos, I then had my tea and decided to watch 90210 on Netflix for a bit before writing a few blog posts. I then decided to switch my laptop off before reading for a while before we went and picked Luke up. Once he had eaten he decided to play on his PlayStation for a while so I decided to read for a bit more, When he started to get bored he turned it off and we watched some films whilst cuddling, We decided to watch X-Factor and we ordered a takeaway. Once we'd eaten we watched the beginning of the film before falling asleep.

  Sunday was another day I really enjoyed, I woke up at 8am with the clocks going back so I just laid in bed watching 90210 whilst Luke was still asleep. When he woke up I went and made breakfast with a cup of tea before we watched TV for a while, Luke and I seem to always play fight and mess around on a Sunday morning and this weekend was no excuse. So once we'd done that we laid in bed listening to music and watching a few YouTube videos. Luke decided to go to his mum's around 4pm so I decided to get a nice shower before making myself an omelette and salad for my tea. I then did our lunches for work tomorrow and changed my bag to a more smaller bag. Once I'd done everything I had to I watched a few YouTube videos before browsing as it's payday this week and I'm off shopping with Luke next weekend so I decided to see what I wanted to buy myself (Mainly make-up) Once Luke was ready we went to pick him up, Once he's eaten we did our usual routine of watching TV and cuddling before we decided to go to sleep.
How's your week been?

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