Friday, 6 November 2015

Balmi Lip Balm- Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have a review on some lip balms I recently picked up- I decided to pick all 3 up to compare them.

  These lip balms were in a local shop for £1.99 each and as I said above I decided to pick all 3 flavours up to compare them all- I was happy with all the flavours so I knew I would use all these, So here's my thoughts on each one I hope you enjoy.
This is the lip balm in Strawberry and I have to say I really like this on as it's such a nice flavour and has a really nice scent to it, I love the packaging of these lip balms as it's such a simple small cube and it's so small it will definitely be easy to keep in your bag no matter how small it is. I have to say the lip balm it's self is shaped as a cone and I really like this as it's something different as I'm used to using EOS lip balms which is a rounded edge so this was something different, I have this lip balm in my make-up bag which I take to work so I know this one will get used daily. These lip balms are really moisturising so I'm glad I picked these up as when winter arrives my lips get very cracked and sore so these will work a treat.

  This lip balm is in the flavour coconut, If you know I adore anything coconut so when I saw this I knew I had to pick this up. I didn't expect much as I hadn't heard much about these lip balms but this is incredible the scent is very strong and you can definitely smell the coconut in it. The flavour is also a lot better than I was expecting I really love the flavour of this. Again the packaging of this is really nice but I'm not 100% on it been white as when applying make-up then applying this the make-up will probably get smudged onto the packaging as it's not plastic it has more of a soft feel to it. This is the lip balm I have near my bed which I apply before I fall asleep as I really like this one so I felt it would be best to use it then.

  This is in the flavour mint as I saw this one and was quite surprised to see a lip balm in a mint flavour, As I'm not one for mint flavouring but I thought I would try this one out for the blog post. I really don't like this one as I said I'm not a fan of the flavour so when I apply this it's not my favourite scent. I've been testing this one out for the last week or so before I apply my make-up and it seems to burn my lips I'm not sure if it's because of how dry my lips have been recently or not but I'm just not keen on it. If you like mint or anything like that then definitely pick this up and try it out. I must say I really like the colour of this packaging as the turquoise is a colour I really like, This will be one I keep testing out to see if I can get to like it but we will see. 
  Have you tried these before?

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