Monday, 23 November 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So it's a new week and it's Monday so it's rant time or more of a little ramble.

  So it's slowly becoming December and it'll then be Christmas, I'm normally one of those people who's prepared a few months before and everything is wrapped but this year I just haven't even started yet I'm just not in the spirit this year and I don't know why it is or anything like that but I'm just not excited for the Christmas period this year. I decided to do a few secret Santa's which one is for work and another is a blogger secret Santa which I'm really excited for- Presents in our house this year is to a minimal as my mum does a year where she goes 'all' out and I mean all out and then the next year she doesn't do much apart from decorating this house which I have to admit some years I've enjoyed those years more as we just spend more time together as a family watching films which I love. I do love the Christmas/Winter period of the year as I love the cosy nights, Snow falling and just spending time together with the family but I really need to get into the spirit soon as Christmas is around the corner and we don't have long to get prepared.

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