Friday, 20 November 2015

Depop Haul #1

Hello Everyone!
  So today is a little haul of the bargains I've found on Depop recently, When it reached pay day I had a list of stuff I really wanted to buy off Depop and these are the ones I chose. I am waiting for a few more items but I thought I had enough here to show you what I've found.

  I was in a massive 'High End' mood for make-up when I got paid and well I have to say I'm very happy with what I bought, Most of it was hardly used and looked brand new. Depop was something I knew about but never bought anything from and well now I'm on it all the time looking for something new (Bad idea for my bank balance!) But here's the steals I found.

MAC's Archie's Girls Veronica's Blush- £17
  I've been lusting over these blushes for a while now and when I saw this on there I literally squealed and went to buy straight away, This is a pearlmatte Face Powder and I use this for more as a highlight as it works really well that way for me but the pink hearts could build up enough colour to be a blusher which I may try soon but I just really like this and the packaging is stunning inside and out in my opinion.

 The Balm FratBoy Blush- £6
  I've been wanting to try some blushers from the balm for a while now and I know they now sell in Superdrug but I thought this was a steal for the price and as you can see it's hardly been used so this was such a good buy for me, I really love the shade and it gives a nice colour to my cheeks. I have to say the balm's packaging is something I really like about the brand and it lived upto the expectations I had.

NARS blusher in Oasis- £12
  This blusher was one I picked up as well it was Nars and it was only £12 so that sold it for me, I do really like the blush and I'm glad I bought it as it has gold shimmer running throughout the blush and I just think it looks incredible once applied. This again was hardly used so another steal for me- I have to say if your looking for a dupe for this blusher Sleek do a very similar shade in the name 'Antique' it's very similar and has just a tad less shimmer running throughout but still looks incredible on. I know this as I actually have the Sleek blusher and when the Nars one arrived it just reminded me of the Sleek one so much.

Tarte Bronzer in Park Ave Princess- £7
  This was the first thing I bought on Depop and well this was just such an incredible find for me as I had been wanting to try this bronzer for so long and to find it so cheap I was over the moon. The packaging for me was something that sold it for me as it's just such a lovely product to look at. The bronzer is a perfect shade for me to contour with too so I'm very happy with this, Again this wasn't very used when it arrived so that was another bonus, More of the product for me to use (Woo!).
Have you ever ordered from Depop before?

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