Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Flower & Perfume Pairing Guide

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have something a little different to bring to my blog- I was emailed quite a while ago about a 'Flower and Perfume guide' This intrigued me straight away as if you follow my blog you will know I love perfumes so when I saw this I knew I had to find out more.
  I kindly asked Caroline who emailed me to do a little intro for the guide so you had more of an idea what the guide was actually for and I have to say once I read the intro I was sold and was looking for my next perfume purchase straight away. (So glad pay day has arrived!)

We all have our beauty routines. Some products we swear by. Others change with our moods. Perfume seems to be a product that hovers between the two. One day we may be tied to our signature scent, the next we may be experimenting with something new. But choosing a new favorite perfume is hard, especially after trying out ten different scents at the perfume counter.

To make things easier, FTD put together a flower and perfume pairing guide, so you can be inspired by your favorite blooms when choosing your next signature scent. Longing for lily? Try Princess by Vera Wang. A fan of peony? Tory Burch is for you. Next time you can't quite put your finger on those floral undertones, or need to choose a signature scent fast, take a look at this guide to help you find your perfect match.
Flower and Perfume Pairing

  Perfume for me is something I always want to try a new one of as every scent for me makes me feel a different way and I always match my perfume to my mood on a morning (I know that sounds strange but it can't only be me that does that right?!) So this guide is something I will definitely look at when I'm looking for a new perfume as I think this also widens your horizon of choices of perfumes or brands as you may try out a new perfume from a brand you may never of thought of trying and it may become your new favourite, I think this is such a good idea and I'm so glad I actually found out about this!
  If your wanting to look into the guide I have left the link for the website just below the picture so if you just click the link it will take you to the website- So good luck if your going to buy a new perfume! I hope you like what you buy... If I actually follow this guide when I buy my next perfume I will definitely write a blog post and let you guys know how I get on with the scent and stuff like that, I'm so excited!
Is the guide something you would go by?

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