Monday, 2 November 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday and we know the routine by now- It's rant time but it's a nice one today.

  So last week was pay day for me and well it's never a good thing for me if I'm honest as I'll literally have mentally spent my wage before I actually get it but I found an app which really has helped me save money, I mainly buy make-up when I get paid to treat myself and I have to say recently I've been more into the high end of make-up so obviously it's a lot more expensive which I have to say I'm happy about because I know the products work so I can't really complain but I'm a girl and every or most girls like make-up?
  So I found 'Depop' which most people are probably aware of but it's like Ebay where people can post pictures of what they want to sell and you can buy it, Well I decided to make an account and have a little browse and well don't I regret that... 3 MAC blushers down and I have a little addiction. 
  I have literally been searching for every make-up product I've wanted to try and have found little gems on there which have been a bargain and I couldn't turn them down, I have to say my bank balance isn't enjoying the shopping sprees like I am but oh well! I would really recommend anyone who enjoys finding little bargains to try Depop, You can get the app on your iphone so it's at hands reach at all time.
(I'm just warning you will get a shopping addiction!)  But come on make-up will always cheer us up.
Have a lovely week!

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