Monday, 16 November 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday and we all know what that means- If you can see from the title this will be a little different.

  If like anyone else when I heard on the news about Paris on Friday night my heart ached knowing something so terrifying had just happened in another part of the world, I cannot describe how it must feel for the families or friends as it's just an indescribable thing that could happen. I cannot say I was shocked as more and more of these situations are happening all over the world on more of an occurrence now, That does not mean every time I hear something like this on the news I remember how lucky I am. We take things for granted and I'd be the first one to say I take everything for granted but when things like this happen I just take a step back and think of how lucky I am and how quickly things can change. I'm an emotional person in an everyday situation but on Friday and Saturday social media took storm to support Paris and all I can say is that shows there is still people on this earth who can stand together to support each other and that's just a humbling feeling- I saw on social media a few of the survivors stories and by reading them my heart just stopped at the thought of been in an a situation like that, Many people are brave and I guess natural instinct would kick in but just reading the words of someone who had seen that and witnessed the whole scene just puts into perspective just how lucky some survivors really were on Friday. All we can do is #PrayForParis.
I hope everyone has a lovely week!

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