Sunday, 1 November 2015

Weekly Summary #19

(Weekly Summary 26/10-01/11)

  Monday was an okay start to the week actually- Work was okay and the morning went so quick as I was quite busy and the afternoon was nice and quiet which I really liked as I wasn't feeling great so I was quite happy for it to just be nice and relaxed. After work I went to Tesco with Luke and my mum as I needed a few bits so we all went straight after work, Once we got back Luke ate his tea and I did the lunches as Luke wanted a Subway and I didn't fancy one. Luke was going to his mum's for a bit so I decided to put some comfy clothes on and take my make-up off, I then went down and made my tea which I had a Lasagne and my mum had made me a cup of tea. Whilst I was eating I caught up on my YouTube subscription and read a magazine, Once Luke was ready for home we picked him up and we made ourselves something to eat before going upstairs to get comfy to watch TV, We watched 'The Fear' which we have got into and it's on BBC Three and we are just enjoying it. We cuddled before we went to sleep- A good Monday!

  Tuesday was another okay day at work as I was just helping everyone in the office with work they were falling behind with and well I quite enjoy that cause it's something busy, After work I went with Luke to pick up his bike which only cost £40 which wasn't bad. When we got home I ran myself a nice bath whilst Luke got changed then he went to his mum's so I got my bath and then got out to have my tea which was omelette and chips I really enjoyed it. Once I'd eaten I did my lunch for work and then went upstairs to dry my hair, After I decided to just read until Luke got home as I was all caught up on my YouTube subscription and didn't really want to watch Netflix but I was quite content to just read for a while. Once Luke was home he ate his tea and we watched a bit of TV and as usual we got ready for bed and cuddled watching a film for the rest of the night.

  Wednesday was such a nice day at work as it was so relaxing and I was just getting on with my work so I really enjoyed myself- I was in such a good mood when I finished work. When we got home me and Luke got changed as we had our driving lessons after work, Once we were ready I did the lunch for my dinner tomorrow for work and I had something to eat. I had my driving lesson and it actually went really well thank god! We're now getting me prepared for my test so I'm nervous now but I seem to concentrate more. Luke had his after mine and he wasn't feeling it but hopefully it goes better than he was thinking (He's on his lesson whilst I'm typing this up!) I came home and got changed and cleansed my face and I then made me and Luke something to eat which we had chicken korma, rice and chips. Once we'd both eaten we went upstairs to bed to lay and watch films whilst we cuddled like we normally do- Really enjoyed today.

  Thursday was an eventful day at the least, It started off a nice peaceful day at work which I was just getting on with my work and was helping the other girls with their stuff, As we are just helping each other out with each workload and one of the girls handed her notice in which was a shock but oh well, So the atmosphere was just a little funny all day after that. In the afternoon I cover reception from 12pm and so I took all my work downstairs and just got on with it which I was content with as the time seemed to fly by, When we got home Luke went to the shop with my mum and dad for some lights for his bike and I washed my hair- Well my little brother actually helped by holding the shower head over the bath bless him! After I had washed it I started to dry it before Luke got in but he put the lights on his bike and headed to his mums so I just carried on drying my hair. Once I'd done that we eaten which we had Chinese (So nice!) before I did my lunch for work and then decided to choose what I was wearing for work as it was dress down day which I chose some jeans, my heeled boots, blouse and big chunky cardigan as I'm always cold at work. After that I decided to get my laptop, Make myself a nice cup of tea and watch some YouTube videos until Luke got in. Once Luke was in he had his tea which he had a pizza, We watched TV and just chilled out until we went to sleep.

  Friday was actually such a busy day at work I was literally just sat at my desk all day- I was really comfortable though because we were in our own clothes so I was happy. After work I went to our local shopping centre with Luke and my mum as we had a bank appointment for Luke to get him a new bank card which was successful thank god! We did a bit of shopping which I bought Luke some aftershave (I'm so nice to him haha!) and we got a few essentials which I needed so since it was payday I bought the stuff I needed. Once we got home we just all watched TV for a while, Then Luke decided to nip to his mum's as I wanted to get a nice bubble bath as I didn't feel great so I sorted my bags out before I ran my bath. After my bath I got into some comfy clothes, Made myself a hot drink and something to eat before watching some YouTube videos. Once Luke was home we had something to eat before cuddling in bed watching films, We decided to get an early-ish night as we have quite a busy day tomorrow of shopping so we turned everything off and fell asleep.

  Saturday wasn't the day I actually wanted it to be but nevermind- I woke up around half 9 and Luke also woke up around this time, We both got up and I made myself a cup of tea and some cereal as I wanted to take some tablets before my stomach ache started. I got up and started my make-up before I took a break to iron my clothes. Once we were both ready we had our ham salad sandwiches from the shop whilst listening to music on YouTube. We then went to Luke's mums so I could give her and his little sister some of my bags. We then went into town to try find Luke a birthday present but that didn't go to plan, I just went and got my little brother a present for his birthday tomorrow and his card. I then told Luke to call a taxi as I just wanted to go home. When we were home Luke went to his mums as we wasn't in the best of moods so he decided to go out for a while, I got changed and took my make-up off before getting my laptop and sitting downstairs watching some YouTube videos. I ordered myself a takeaway and ate that before watching a film. When Luke got home he had his takeaway which I ordered for him and we just watched TV for the rest of the night until we fell asleep.

  Sunday was probably one of my favourite days of this week by far- It was my little brother's birthday so when I woke up I took his present downstairs and made myself some breakfast and a cup of tea, I ate that and took some tablets before I started to run myself a bath as I had really bad stomach ache and I felt it would help so I ran that and Luke was still asleep. I got in the bath before I had a nice pamper with a face mask and stuff like that, Once I got out I dried my hair and ironed my clothes before I started to do my make-up as we were off out at half 12- Once I was ready we set off and stopped at Mcdonalds as we were a bit hungry then we set off to the bowling alley as Aiden had chose to go bowling, I came second so that wasn't too bad but my dad came first (Two strikes put him ahead of me...) We went to go get something to eat but we tried about 4 restaurants and they were all full so we ended up with a KFC so we took that home and all ate, I decided to do my lunch for work before I went upstairs and got changed and took my make-up off. I decided to make myself a cup of tea and watch some YouTube videos before watching Netflix. Once Luke was home he made himself something to eat, We watched TV before falling asleep.
How was your week?

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