Sunday, 8 November 2015

Weekly Summary #20

(Weekly Summary 02/11-08/11)

  Monday was such a busy day at work as it was month end so everything needed to be done and a few of the girls are on holiday/left so there was only a few of us so we needed to do quite a bit each. Once I got home I decided to get changed and take my make-up off before I had something to eat, When I had done that I made my lunch for work and watched a few videos off YouTube before just watching TV with my mum. Once I went to bed I watched a bit more of TV before just going to bed as I wasn't feeling great so I kind of just wanted to go to sleep as early as I can- I was in such a down mood today!

  Tuesday was literally such a bad day for me, Work was actually okay I was quite busy again and the receptionist handed her notice in so that's another one down- Meaning more work to be shared around. After work I had the doctors just to get my pill and I then went home and got a nice bath, When I had eaten my tea I helped my mum clean around and we then went to the bank as I was depositing some money into my account- When I got to the bank and I had put the envelope in the machine actually froze and refunded my money. So I had put the money in the machine but it hadn't registered it. I rung the customer services as I was literally so stressed and he put a message on my account and told me to call back. When I got home I made myself a cup of tea and just read as I literally couldn't relax as I needed to get it sorted. Once Luke was home I decided to try and sleep as I literally had the worst headache I could have as my mind was just overworking itself.

  Wednesday was another busy day at work as it was one of those days where the jobs just overlapped each other and I literally had no clue where the day went- That isn't a bad thing but I like to just have a little cool down before I do my next job but literally didn't get a chance today. After work my mum called into the shop just for a few bits before she took me home as I had my driving at half 5 and I needed to be ready for then. Once I got back from my driving I had my tea which was corn beef hash (It was delicious!) I then did my lunch for work before Luke got back from his driving. Once I had done everything I helped my little brother do his homework before I went upstairs to get changed and took my make-up off, I then changed my bag and purse before I decided to open my packages which I got in the post today and one was my 2016 diary from Kate Spade so I decided to start filling it out which I really enjoyed it. My driving lesson went really really well the drive was so good as I feel more comfortable and don't panic as much. Once Luke was home we went upstairs to watch TV before we decided to put a film on and cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Thursday was actually quite a good day at work it was busy again but the day just flew by which I was really happy about, After work we came home and I decided to wash my hair before we started our little bonfire night. Once I'd done my hair I decided to put some false nails on as I was missing having them on and I really like them- I decided to just sit and watch TV until we started our fireworks and food which I really enjoyed for a change as it was just nice I do enjoy bonfire night. Once we'd done all our fireworks and eaten we all came back inside and me and Luke decided to just lay and watch TV before cuddling and we decided to actually try sleep as we were both really tired.

  Friday was such a nice day- I was so busy at work and again the day just literally flew by. I was so busy I didn't even know it was time to turn my computer and stuff off at 3 I was so shocked. After work when we got home me and Luke just relaxed really talking which I really enjoyed. Once Luke had gone out as he was going to meet his friend for a bit I decided to run myself a bath- The man was coming to look at the boiler and he turned it off half way through me running my bath so the water was freezing, I had to wait half an hour to run it again so I decided to watch some YouTube. Once I was out of the bath I started to watch some YouTube whilst I wrote a few blog posts, I then listened to music for a while before I decided to just watch TV. Luke came home quite late and I was already in bed so we just cuddled and watched TV until we fell asleep.

  Saturday was such a good day I really enjoyed myself- Me and Luke both woke up around half 10 and I got up and made myself a cup of tea before me and Luke watched some TV. We were off into town today so I got up and started getting ready and so did Luke whilst we were listening to music, We walked to Luke's mums for a little bit before getting a taxi into town. We went into JD and footlocker for Luke as he wanted some new trainers and a new coat which I really like both of them. I wanted WHSmith as I wanted an adult colouring book which I got. We walked to KFC as we had both been fancying it all day so we got that. On the way home Luke nipped into his mums and I came home, got changed and took my makeup off. I decided to do the ironing with a cup of tea whilst listening to music. Once that was done I decided to just watch some TV until Luke got home, Once he was home we decided to lay and watch films which is what we did until we fell asleep.

  Sunday was such a busy day yet I really enjoyed it, I woke up around 10am which Luke was also awake I had a cup of tea before I started to crack on as I wanted to completely tidy the bedroom, As I'm writing this I'm enjoying the clean room. I had finished my room around 2pm which I then had my roast dinner before I decided to watch 90210 on Netflix before I made my lunch for Monday. After I'd done all that I decided to just type up a few blog posts before I ran myself a nice hot bath. I decided to also give my make-up brushes a nice good clean. After my bath I decided to finish off typing up some blog posts before making myself a cup of tea to just catch up with YouTube. Once Luke was home we started the Adults colouring book again whilst listening to music before we decided to just watch TV before trying to fall asleep.
How's your week been?

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