Sunday, 15 November 2015

Weekly Summary #21

(Weekly Summary 09/11-15/11)

  Monday was such a busy day at work I literally had no clue where the day went but I really enjoyed it, I got so much done so I was really happy with myself. I did ring my bank as my money still hadn't been deposited but it has now thank god! After work I decided to get changed and cleanse my face as I wanted to get so much done so I was on a mission, I had my tea before I did the lunch for work. I got my laptop out as I wanted to order some presents for my 'Secret Santa' at work which I'm happy with what I picked. I decided to type a few more blog posts up as I'm a little behind on my schedule so I need to catch back up. Once I was happy with what I had done I decided to turn my laptop off and read for a while, Once Luke was home he made his tea and we went upstairs to watch TV until we fell asleep.

  Tuesday was a very strange day- At around half 8 the power at work just cut out and we had no electric until around 12pm so once it was all back on I had just catch up with my work so I have to say my day flew by. After work I needed the bank and to get a few things so I went to Tesco with Luke and my mum, Me and Luke are poorly as we're both starting with cold so we stocked up on medicine. Once we got home I got changed into some comfy clothes and took my make-up off before I had my tea which was Spag Bol which made me feel so better. I then had a quick shower as I wanted to wash my hair before I decided to just relax watching TV. Once Luke was home he had his tea whilst I made a cup of tea for myself we went upstairs to watch TV before we decided to try get some sleep as we wasn't feel great.

  Wednesday was actually quite a good day at work I was busy again but it went okay, It flew again which was a good thing as my throat was quite sore so I was uncomfortable most of the day but I just stuck to taking tablets and lozenges which helped a bit. After work we nipped to the shop for some food bits before going home as I had my driving at half 5 which it went really well again and I feel more comfortable and confident driving so my driving instructor feels more at ease. I've like mastered most of the things now I'm really happy, Luke's lesson also went really well he's learning fast which I knew he would but he seems like he will do well and he's enjoying them each week which is good. Once I was home I had my tea and helped my little brother do his homework before I got changed and took my make-up off, It was quite late once I had done all that so I just watched a few YouTube videos and went to bed with a cup of tea to watch a bit of TV, There wasn't much on so I decided to do a bit of my colouring book before we decided to cuddle and go to sleep.

  Thursday was such an up and down day for me but overall I did enjoy the day- I woke up full of cold worse than I was on Wednesday, I was so busy again at work the day flew again but Luke lost his temper today and I wont go into much detail but I've said before I care about Luke more than I have anyone else and to know someone had got to the point where he got angry proves they did something to upset him and well I got upset knowing that so I went and found him and calmed him down (It's all sorted) but like I just realised today I would literally do anything for Luke and it kind of hit home today I guess. I'm an emotional person anyway so I just kind of crumbled then picked myself back up to help Luke out. After work when I got home I opened my parcels which I was so excited for (New make-up post coming soon-ish) I then got a shower before having my tea, I decided to have a night off my laptop so I just sat downstairs and read for most of the evening. When Luke was home we decided to watch TV as a few of our TV programmes were on tonight then we put a film on to cuddle to before we decided to try get some sleep.

  Friday was such a weird day for me, I didn't have the best of sleeps as my temperature was up and down all night. At work it seemed to just get worse but I got on with it as I knew it was Friday, It was my late so we got home for like 4pm which wasn't bad, I decided I was just going to chill out on the sofa with a fleece blanket and order a take-away I just had no energy to do anything. I decided to just watch some YouTube videos then I listened to the Justin Bieber and 1D album as I was so excited. Once Luke was home he had his bit of the takeaway then we just cuddled watching TV as he must of known I was poorly so we just relaxed, As we started to get tired I turned all the lights off and the TV off and hoped for a good night's sleep.

  Saturday was such a good day for me- I woke up around 11am which is really late for me but proves the tablets I took to try help me sleep actually worked, Me and Luke just listened to music for most of the morning which I love when we do that cause it always put me in a good mood. I decided to start getting ready after Luke washed my hair for me. Once I was ready Luke decided to start getting ready then we headed to the shop to get us some food for when we was at his mums for the afternoon. Once we got to his mums we just stayed there for a while before coming home and ordering a takeaway. We put on '8 Mile' before the takeaway came so we ate that whilst watching the film, Once it was finished we decided to watch a bit of TV before actually attempting to fall asleep.

  Sunday I woke up around 10am as I hadn't had much sleep throughout the night for some reason, I woke up and made myself some porridge with a cup of tea and Luke was awake by the time I came back upstairs. We watched TV for a while then decided to listen to music again. I got on with cleaning for a bit before I did my false nails as I wanted a new set on, I had my roast dinner before I decided to crack on again- I did my lunch for work, Ironed my clothes and my pile of ironing, Cleaned my makeup brushes and changed my bag. I then decided to run myself a bath and once I was out of there I decided to watch a few YouTube videos as I was behind and make myself a cup of tea and something to eat. Once Luke was home we decided to just have a chilled night so he had his tea before we made a cup of tea to watch TV with, When we started getting tired we decided to turn the TV off and try get an early night.
How was your week?

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