Sunday, 22 November 2015

Weekly Summary #22

(Weekly Summary 16/11-22/11)

  Monday was such a busy day for me- I woke up to find one of mine and Luke's lizards dead which wasn't what I wanted to see on a Monday morning so I woke Luke to check whilst I got ready. Work was busy as usual and it did go quite fast which I was happy with, After work we quickly nipped to the doctors so my mum could pick up her tablets from the chemist and came home. Me and Luke emptied the lizard tank and buried the lizard in the garden where all our other pets are, Once we'd done that we cleaned up then I started making tea and doing the lunch for tomorrow. I got changed and took my make- up off before I caught up on YouTube videos (I'm so behind!) When Luke was home he had his tea before we decided to watch TV before we cuddled and tried to fall asleep.

  Tuesday was such a stressful day at work as I just had piles and piles which just didn't seem to go down, I had a lovely ham and cheese toastie for my lunch though so that cheered me up. After work we went shopping and I got a few like bath essentials and some treats for me and Luke, When I got home I did the lunch's for work before I had my tea which was a chicken curry which was lovely. I ran myself a bath and decided to sit in there for a while, I then did my nails as they needed neatening up. I decided to watch a few YouTube videos before reading for a while as I really need to start reading more. My head or scalp was so sore so I was in a little pain with that (No idea why though!) Once Luke was home he had his tea and we did our usual routine of watching a bit of TV before attempting to try and get an early night (Failed again...)

  Wednesday was another stressful day at work as I still had my piles of work and it was Direct Debit run so I was so busy- After work I had my driving lesson at half 5 so I quickly got changed and went for my lesson, It went really well again and I feel confident driving so I'm really happy. Luke had his lesson after me and bless him he was so proud of himself after the lesson, I got changed and took my make-up off before me and Luke decided to watch TV but I was so tired I actually fell asleep before Luke. He woke me up to get into bed properly so we cuddled and ended up falling asleep soon after.

  Thursday was actually a good day at work as I woke up in such a good mood and was determined to get my work done so I actually got a lot done- After work me and Luke ended up talking for about an hour about everything which I always love when we're both in moods like that. Luke went to his mums so I had my tea then got a nice bubble bath, Once Luke was home we laid and watched TV whilst we was eating chocolate and sweets. We decided to have a nice relaxing night just watching films so we cuddled watching the films then decided to turn the TV off and cuddle until we fell asleep. 

  Friday was such a busy day at work again my to-do pile was so long I didn't think I would actually get it all done but I got most of it done which was a good way to end the week. After work me and my mum decided we would do some Christmas shopping, Luke tagged along and I just needed some bits for the secret Santa's I'm part of- A blogger one and one at work so I was excited to get looking, I have to admit Luke helped me massively with what I was choosing to buy. Once we got home me and Luke just say listening to music for a while before we had tea, we both got into our comfy clothes before settling down to watch some TV and some films. Once we started to get tired we both got comfortable in bed before cuddling until we fell asleep.

  Saturday was possibly one of my favourite days of the week- I woke up around half 9 and decided to just browse for a little while on my phone before I got up and made myself breakfast and a cup of tea, Luke was awake when I got back upstairs so we just watched TV for a while until we decided to start getting ready. Luke kindly washed my hair before I started getting ready, We headed to Subway for our dinners and brought it back to eat as it was freezing! We headed to Luke's mums where we stayed for a while just catching up with his family before we headed home to get a takeaway which we had pizza and chips which was so nice! Me and Luke decided to watch some films and TV before we decided to cuddle and try get to sleep as we were both so tired and cold so we slowly drifted off to sleep.

  Sunday was another one of those days where I just loved every minute of it- I woke up around 9am again and this morning I decided to get some Christmas presents bought which well I'm quite proud of myself. Once Luke was awake I made us breakfast before I cracked on, I got the lunches done and ironed our uniforms for work. I got my clothes out for what I was wearing today and took some blog pictures as the lighting was quite good even though the weather was rubbish. I then ran myself a bath and relaxed in that for a while to find Luke had cleaned all the windows and everything bless him. I then got ready and did my make-up as I was meeting a friend in town. I met up with her and we did a bit of shopping and I got a few more Christmas presents, We headed for coffee where we had a nice catch up. Once I got home I took my make-up off and got changed into some comfy clothes where I decided to just catch up on YouTube videos. Once Luke was home he had something to eat then we just watched TV until we both decided to try get to sleep.
How's your week been?

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