Sunday, 29 November 2015

Weekly Summary #23

(Weekly Summary 23/11-29/11)

  Monday was a very busy start to the week for me- I woke up in such a good mood to say it was a Monday morning and I woke up at 6am but work was very busy as I'm needing to catch up as I'm behind and I'm on holiday for a couple of days. Once I got home I got changed into some comfy clothes and took my make-up off before I sat and ate my tea and made my lunch for work. I was wrapping my secret Santa presents with Luke's help bless him, Once I had done it all I decided to watch some YouTube videos before I wrote up a blog post up as I need it to be up for the end of the week but I know I'll be busy, Once I had done all that I picked out a new book and read for a while until Luke was home, He had his tea and I made something to eat and a cup of tea as I was a little hungry, We then watched TV for the rest of the night until we fell asleep.

  Tuesday was such a stressful day at work for me- I'm literally so behind and my to-do pile is longer than my arm literally plus because I'm off for a few days I feel as though I need to be up to date with everything which I doubt will happen. Once I was home from work I went shopping as I needed a few bits and decided to get myself some stuff to cheer me up which ended up being a hot chocolate and a 2016 diary, I also posted my blogger secret Santa off which I feel so organised . Once I was home I had my tea, Wrapped Luke's birthday presents and had my tea before I ran myself a bath. Once I was out and felt relaxed I decided to read for a while as I just wanted to relax for tonight for some reason and decided I would catch up with everything tomorrow after work. When Luke got home he had his tea and I made myself an Earl Grey tea (I'm slowly beginning to like) We went upstairs and I put a film on as I was in the mood to just lay and enjoy a good film, Once it had finished it was getting late so I turned everything off and we cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Wednesday was one of those days where I went through around 10 moods in the space of 9 hours- I was stressed, annoyed, tired and the list goes on. I wasn't in the best of moods but Luke cheered me up today bless him! Work was the same as it's been all week so well let's just not get into it but I'm looking forward to a few days off. Once I was home I had an important phone call at half 5 so I just got ready for that, We had no driving tonight as our instructor is on holiday this week so I can actually catch up thank god! Once I had my phone call I caught up with e-mails whilst I ate my tea which was Spag Bol it was lovely. I did mine and Luke's lunch for work before I took my make-up and typed up a blog post for Friday as I wanted to have something different posted than what was scheduled. I then decided to just browse the internet for a while before I read for a while. Once Luke was home our normal routine happened he had his tea and I made myself something to eat before we went upstairs and watched TV for a while. We were both quite tired so we turned everything off and went to sleep.

  Thursday was 'Friday' to me as it was my last day at work so I was in a good mood but knew I had to make sure I had caught up on my work, I literally got on with as much as I could to try make sure I was up to date which I have to say by half 4 I had done what I had to get done so I was happy. After work me and my mum decided we wanted a Chinese for tea so we went and got that then came home and ate it in our pj's (Best feeling ever!) I decided to get a nice bath which I used the Intergalactic bath bomb by Lush, I was literally covered in glitter afterwards and the bath was such a mess. Once I was out I dried my hair and got into some comfy pj's, I decided to paint my nails before I watched a few YouTube videos. I sat and chatted to my mum for a while about a few things then made myself a cup of tea. Once Luke was home he ate his tea then we decided to watch some TV and films as neither of us had work so we just relaxed and cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Friday was probably one of my favourite days of the week- We woke up around 9am and we just watched TV for a while, I decided to start getting ready with a cup of tea as we had a busy day ahead of us. Once we were both ready we headed to Luke's mums for a little while as we were waiting for the crowds to calm down as it was black friday! I had made a little cheeky purchase from New Look so I can't wait for that to come. We decided to walk to Luke's barbers so we took a walk there to be sat there for an hour but they just took so long so Luke decided to leave it for today. We actually walked into town rather than getting a bus or taxi and it started raining so that was fun, Once we was in there Luke got us both a slice of pizza so we ate that whilst walking round for a little- Luke got his clothes and some new trainers he was looking for, I got a few Christmas presents and a few Playstation 3 games for me and Luke to play when we're bored on a night time. We got a taxi back home which I got changed into pj's and my slippers and got a hot water bottle because my stomach was hurting so much (Girl Problems!) I ordered a takeaway and watched YouTube video's for a while. Once Luke was home he ate his bit of the takeaway and we watched some films on the Roku box for a bit, Luke was cuddling me to try make me feel better and we then fell asleep.

  Saturday was probably another one of my favourite days of the week, I know I said that about Friday but I've had a good few days- I woke up around half 9 as I had really bad stomach ache so I knew I had to take some tablets. I went to make myself a cup of tea and brought it back upstairs and Luke was awake so we just watched Jeremy Kyle whilst we cuddled. We decided to get up and start getting ready so I ironed my clothes and Luke's whilst he made the bed and cleaned the windows. Once we were ready and we'd wrapped up we set off to Luke's mums where we stayed for a while then walked to Luke's hairdressers which it started chucking it down with rain (Great!) Once Luke had his hair cut my mum came and picked us up as the rain was so bad, We got home and got ready as we were off for a meal for Luke's birthday. Once we got back I decided to clean my wardrobe as it really needed such a good clean so it was nice and neat again which it looks so good now, Luke was getting ready to go out so he got a shower then got ready whilst listening to music. Once Luke had gone out I decided to watch some YouTube videos before heading to bed with a hot water bottle where I just read for a while then I just listened to music until I got tired I then turned the lights off and headed off to sleep.

  Sunday was such a relaxing day to end the week off- I woke up around 9:30 am and just laid in bed on my phone for a while then I decided to get up and make myself some breakfast which I had cereals and a cup of tea. Once I got back upstairs Luke was awake but he got in at 5am so for him to be up I was so surprised! We just laid in bed watching TV whilst Luke told me about his night and stuff, We laid in bed for quite a while then decided to get up and go downstairs where we made a cup of tea. Luke opened his presents for his birthday which is tomorrow but he wanted to open them whilst everyone was there so that was good. Luke got ready to go to his mums for a little bit so I ran myself a bath and decided to wrap the Christmas presents I have bought so far which isn't much now I've wrapped them. Once I had done all that I decided to make myself a cup of tea and watched some YouTube videos and browsed for some more Christmas presents. Once Luke got home he made himself something to eat then we went upstairs and watched TV for a while, Since we both didn't have work tomorrow we played the PlayStation 3 for a while until we got tired then we decided to turn everything off and try get some sleep.

How was your week?

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