Friday, 18 December 2015

Essence Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So today is a haul on a few things I've purchased from Essence, I decided I would trial them out before I actually wrote this post so I could give my actual opinion on each product.

  Essence is one of those brands which I actually found when someone was reviewing their products on a YouTube video, I had no shops where I live that actually stocked Essence until recently when our local Wilkinsons actually started stocking up on the brand, I love Essence as it's so inexpensive but the products are such good quality.
Essence Lash Princess
  This mascara I mainly picked up because of the packaging it just looks so cute and quirky that I knew I had to pick it up for that reason, I liked the idea that the 'False Lash Effect' may also work on my lashes and with Essence been quite an inexpensive brand I decided to give it a go and I'm so glad I did. The mascara is in black as I prefer my mascara to be black but it applies to my lashes so well and I do see more of a boost in my lashes when I wear this and the false lash effect does actually stand when I apply it as it does seem to add a bit more length and volume to my lashes so I'm happy with this mascara.

(L-R) 13 Love Me and 07 Natural Beauty

  I have a few of these in my collection and I do like these lipsticks as the packaging is just very sleek with the matte black but each lipstick colour is also on the packaging so it's much easier to find the shade you want if you have a few or a lot in your collection (Like me). These lipsticks for me are very moisturising and they apply well to my lips, I feel as though the colour pay off is really good with these lipsticks as well. The range of shades is very varied so you would definitely find a shade you liked. The Love Me shade is a very vibrant pink but it's also subtle if applied lightly I feel like I will wear this more in the summer and spring but definitely looking forward to wearing this in the coming months. The Natural Beauty is more of a wearable shade for the winter months as it's more of a mauvy pink shade with a hint of plum colour running throughout I really like this shade as I feel it suits my skin tone perfectly, I've been wearing this recently for work and I've really been enjoying wearing it- I'll definitely be picking up more shades from the range.

(L-R) 03 BFF, 09 I Feel Pretty and 02 Cute Nude
  These lipsticks were from the moisturising range which had just come out I think when I bought them, I really love the packaging of these as they just look so nice with the coloured tops and silver bullets. I really do like these lipsticks as they are so smooth and apply so easily to your lips. The downside of these though are since they are so moisturising they seem to only last on your lips for a little while then they disappear but I'm going to apply my lipcote or some powder to my lips to see if they look a bit more matte as they are quite shiny on the lips and I'll see if the lipcote will make them last a little longer. BFF shade is a very dark pink shade which I picked up as I don't wear many pink shades and I don't own many but decided this would be a lovely shade to have in my collection. I Feel Pretty is one of those shades I just fell in love with it's such a deep plum shade I just love it and it looks incredible on the lips. Cute Nude is one of those shades which I buy because I just know I will get my wear out of them, It's a nude shade obviously but it had pink undertones so I knew this would suite me and my skin tone so I just love wearing this when I'm having a natural look with my makeup. This is a perfect shade for the days where you want to wear makeup but not too much. These lipsticks I definitely recommend if you have quite dry lips as I feel these would help.
Have you bought anything from Essence recently?

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