Wednesday, 23 December 2015

New member of the family: Herman

Hello Everyone!
  So I've always said I would share many lifestyle things on my blog too so I decided to show you the new member to mine and Luke's little family we have so far.

  Me and Luke have been wanting a new pet for a while now and we decided to get something we both knew we would both enjoy, I've wanted a tortoise for so long now and I was finally happy when Luke also agreed he's love a little tortoise as a pet so we decided to get a 'Herman Tortoise' hence the name as they are endangered tortoises or we knew we would be paying a little extra but was definitely worth it.
  Luke let me pick a tortoise so I decided to get the smallest in the bunch which was in the pet shop as well I need someone who knows how it feels to be small (I'm Joking) but he/she as we don't know the actual sex yet is just a little smaller than Luke's palm of his hand so it's such a cute little creature.

  By now you should all know me and Luke aren't the sort of people to get normal animals eventhough I do like guinea pigs or hamsters Luke has seemed to transform me into liking reptile animals which I'm not complaining. We've had Herman for around 5 days now and he hasn't been eating much which isn't great so we decided to put him a plate of his 'greens' down but I sliced some cucumber up to see if he possibly would enjoy that and result! He's eating it and he must really enjoy it cause he's been eating it like it's going out of fashion. Me and Luke are going to try and get some other stuff like peppers, carrot and try some more greens to see what he likes then we can keep switching it around so he doesn't get bored of the same food- I've never been more excited to feed an animal before.

  I must say he/she is slowly beginning to show their personality which me and Luke are so excited for. I love the fact that it actually has a bedtime, Every night by 7pm he/she is in bed all cosy snuggled in the corner snoozing away I swear by 7 on the dot it's taken itself to bed and I find it so cute. One night I decided to have a little peak and this is what I saw, He/she was so tired it decided to take a little snooze in the middle of it's enclosure. It's head was just laid on the floor and it's front legs were slightly moving like it was dreaming I literally sat staring for so long as I just couldn't get over how much me and Luke has actually seen it grow within the small amount of time we've actually had it so far.
I will definitely keep you updated with Herman!


  1. aw! He's too cute, I love the name to! I would love to see more updates as he grows! x

  2. Thankyou! I'll definitely keep putting updates up, He's still only tiny but he's so cute.
    Thanks for reading!xo