Monday, 21 December 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday and we all know how it works over on my blog on a Monday evening.

  This week has been a very strange one for me in many ways, This week I realised just how much I do enjoy my job (At times like everyone I hate it) but I do love the people I work with and how relaxed the atmosphere is. I also realised this week how you really can't take anything for granted, If you read my 'Weekly Summary' each week you know what happens on a daily basis in my life and this week my mum went into hospital for a few hours but you just realise how sudden things can change and I have always taken things like that for granted and I know I shouldn't. I also realised this week how much I do love Luke I know I do many posts about me and Luke and I seem to ramble each time but this week something happened which I'm not going into detail about but I just over reacted massively and well I was reassured, Me and Luke have our ups and downs like any couple but I must say we always seem to work things out and well I must say for our ages we seem to do quite well at this adult kind of lifestyle.
How was your week?

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