Sunday, 6 December 2015

Weekly Summary #24

(Weekly Summary 30/11-6/12)

  Monday was such a good start to the week- I woke up around half 8 as I wasn't at work but I was so cold so I got up and made a hot water bottle and put the heating on, I made my breakfast some toast and a cup of tea. I went back upstairs and read for a while before I watched a few YouTube videos as Luke was still snoring away but he got woke up as his phone was ringing and well it was exciting news! It was Luke's birthday today so Happy Birthday Lukey! Once we had chilled out for a while I got up and got dressed and Luke also got ready, We headed to Tesco as I wanted a few more Christmas presents which I'm now done with. Luke also got a few presents for his little brother and we then headed to Subway for something to eat. Once we had finished we walked back home and chilled out for a little bit, I got all my uniform sorted out as I was back to work tomorrow and sorted my lunch out. I decided to just watch some more YouTube videos before I read my book for a while as I have got back into it, Once Luke was home he had his tea and we watched TV for a while with me having work I decided to get an early night but with Luke been on holiday until Wednesday he stayed up watching TV for a little longer until he was more tired.

  Tuesday was such a stressful day for me as well it was my first day back at work and well I wasn't over done with my work as it was a nice paced day but I was so stressed after work as I had been so used to getting my stuff done through the day that when I got home and I had a list of things to do my head was in overdrive, After work I went shopping as I needed some wrapping paper and stuff like that. When I got home I put all the presents in my hiding place and got a quick shower. After that I had my tea which was lasagne, chips and garlic bread which was so nice! Once I'd eaten I caught up on the Vlogmas YouTube videos before Luke got in, Once Luke was home he had his tea and we chilled out for the rest of the night.

  Wednesday was another stressful day at work as I had such a long pile of stuff to do again I just wanted to try get back up to date but it hasn't been working- After work I went and picked up the other Christmas presents which had arrived and my New Look order had arrived (So Exciting!) I put the presents in my hiding place again before I got ready for my driving lesson. Once I had got back I had my tea and helped my little brother with his homework, My lesson went well again we have a new car so it was just getting used to it. Luke's lesson also went really well and I think he is finally getting the hang of things. I tried all my New Look clothes on and I'm so happy they all fit and I really like them all thank god! I decided to make myself a cup of tea and chill out for a bit until Luke was home, Once he was home he had his tea before we went upstairs to watch TV and chill out- I made Luke watch 'Don't Tell The Bride' as always.

  Thursday was such a good day for me- I forgot it was Thursday for some reason so I was in a good mood when I realised it was nearly the weekend. Work wasn't too stressful today but I was just attempting to get my work up to date as I'm slowly catching up with it all. After work we headed to the pet shop for a few things before returning home. Luke had got some stuff for the lizards so we sorted the tank out for it. Once we had done all that I sorted my stuff out for work before I got a quick shower which we then had tea which was the fish shop! Once Luke had got home he had something to eat then we just laid watching TV, Eastenders is getting so good! We didn't realise the time but it soon ended up being midnight so we went to sleep.

  Friday was a fun day at work I must say- It was an early finish at 3pm and the day started off where I was just catching up on my work but got asked to decorate the Christmas tree at work which I don't mind doing stuff like that as I'm now in the Christmas spirit but it was a 'real' tree so let's just say it wasn't the best of trees meaning it was far too bald at the top but we attempted to decorate it the best we could and it didn't look too bad in the end, It took us far too long though! After work we headed to Tesco as we all needed a few bits, Luke got me a few more Christmas presents and I just got a few bits I was needing. We got ourselves a Subway as a little snack before tea later on. Once we got home me and Luke just had a little catch up on our days whilst eating our Subways, Luke was going to his mums so when he had gone out me and my mum headed to Asda as we were looking for some Christmas decorations. Successful shopping trip as I left with half of the shop (I'm kidding but I did buy quite a lot including some new comfy pj's) When we got back I got changed and took my make-up off. I changed my bag before I decided to type up a few blog posts and watch a few YouTube videos. Once we had picked Luke up with the bad weather he had something to eat before we headed upstairs, We decided to watch Eastenders then we played for a while on Luke's PS3 which I have to say was quite amusing. Once we started to get tired we decided to try get to sleep.

  Saturday was such a nice day- I woke up around 9am but didn't actually move until around 10 as I made myself some breakfast and a cup of tea. Me and Luke just watched TV for a while until I asked Luke if he would wash my hair for me, Once I had dried and straightened my hair we both started getting ready whilst listening to music. We headed to Luke's mums for a while until we went to the shop and got some food before we got the bus into town, We then walked to the next bus stop we needed to go to and headed to Luke's step mums which is around a 45 minute bus journey. We stayed there for a few hours and had our tea there which was pizza and chips. We got the bus back into town at around half 8, We then had to walk to the next bus stop before getting another bus home. Once we had got off the bus near ours we headed to the shop just to get some food for the rest of the night as we were going to watch a film when we got in. When we were home we actually ordered a takeaway so whilst we waited for that we both got changed and I took my make-up off, It still looked good at 9pm at night so I really didn't want to take it off. Once the takeaway had arrived we ate it whilst watching TV, We got comfortable and ate the sweets and stuff we had bought from the shop. Once we were getting tired we turned everything off and went to sleep.

  Sunday is probably one of my favourite days of the week- I woke up around 10am and got up to have a cup of tea I wasn't hungry so I decided not to make anything to eat. Whilst I drank my cup of tea I watched some YouTube videos, Luke was still asleep so I decided to make our lunches for work tomorrow and make sure we had uniform. I washed my make-up brushes and decided to read for a while. Once Luke had got up I think he was in a mood as he was quiet so I just left him to do what he needed to do. I decided to clean the bedroom so I hoovered up and made sure it was tidy. When Luke had gone out I decided to wrap my Christmas presents I'm nearly done just waiting for a few to come in the post then I'm done. I decided to have something to eat and something to drink before I ran my bath and had a nice long soak. Once I was out of the bath I dried my hair before I decided to type up a few blog posts, I made myself a cup of tea before watching TV for a while. Once Luke had come in he made himself something to eat and we went upstairs to watch TV, On a Sunday we like to try and get an early night which doesn't normally happen but we were both quite tired so we decided to turn everything off and just lay there for a while until we fell asleep.
How was your week?

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