Sunday, 13 December 2015

Weekly Summary #25

(Weekly Summary 07/12-13/12)

  Monday was an okay start to the week- I woke up around 2am with heartburn which was great, I also was going to lay on my front and I always keep my phone under my pillow charging and I felt my phone and it was so warm as if it was going to set on fire, The bed was red hot where the phone was and my pillow was also warm it definitely scared me to death so I'll never do that again. At work it was okay but dragged, I decided to just crack on with my work and I got quite a bit done but my to-do pile isn't going down much. After work I needed the bank as we were buying my nan's laminate for her floor as a Christmas present so I decided to pay half with my mum, Once we were home I decided to get as much done as quick as I could so I could just relax. I did my lunch for work tomorrow before I washed my hair and changed my bag again as I just wasn't happy with it, Once I was done I went down and made my tea which was salad with cheese and onion potato skins it was so nice! I decided to just watch YouTube videos until Luke got in. Once Luke was home he ate his tea before we just laid and watched TV as usual, But I picked 'Jingle All The Way' It's December so we need to watch a few Christmas films. Once we were both tired we turned the TV off.

  Tuesday was a good day for me- It didn't start off well as I woke up feeling really ill but decided to just get up and try get on with it, Once I had got ready and everything I felt fine. Work was enjoyable today as everyone seemed to be in a good mood for a change which was good, I caught up on my work which is good still a little behind but not much. After work I got home and started getting changed as I had my driving lesson at half 5, I had a parcel which was some of my Christmas presents which were wrong! I ordered some personalised stuff and it's come wrong but its all getting sorted thank god! My lesson went so well I felt more confident and it went really smoothly so I was so happy when I got back- I started getting the 'sick' feeling again so I didn't really eat anything for my tea but I decided to just get changed and have a cup of tea. Luke's lesson went really well too but he just wasn't feeling himself today so I think he just got on with it. I decided to read a bit to try and relax myself so I read whilst I waited for Luke to get home. Once Luke was home he ate his tea and we decided to just watch normal TV tonight before we decided to try go to sleep, I still wasn't feeling great so I kind of wanted to just try and sleep.

  Wednesday was another good day for me- I woke up feeling awake which doesn't normally happen at like half 6 on a morning so I was ready to start the day. Work was actually good it flew by and I caught up on most of my work now so I was happy. After work we headed to the bank as I needed to draw some money out then we came home, Me and Luke just sat chatting for a while before he went out. I decided to get the lunch done for work tomorrow before I had my tea. I ran a bath after tea whilst I sorted my clothes out and stuff. Once I had been in the bath I applied some false nails and changed my bag. I decided to just dry my hair and straighten it before I watched a few YouTube videos. I got a bit bored of that so I decided to read for a bit with a cup of tea, I treated myself to a new bag and purse online which I will probably do a blog post on when they arrive (So Excited!) Once Luke was home he had his tea before we decided to play the PlayStation 3 for a while before we watched TV. It started getting late so me and Luke decided to try get to sleep.

  Thursday was a good day but very hectic- I woke up around midnight to realise my phone had fallen down the side of the bed so in my sleepy state I tried to find it which I successfully retrieved it. I woke up just before my alarm went off and I was wide awake so I got up and had my normal cup of tea. Work was just so hectic and busy today I think we were all kind of drained towards the end. It was my late so when we got home I decided to just chill with Luke for a little while before I got changed. I had my tea which was spag bol it was so nice! I did the lunch for tomorrow at work before I came upstairs to type up a few blog posts as I need to get back in front with them. I decided to watch some YouTube videos whilst I took my make-up off, I decided to write my Christmas card to Luke and my dads birthday card. When Luke got in he had his tea and I made myself some cereals and a cup of tea before we watched TV for a bit before we played the PlayStation again which we've both been getting into more which is good. Once we started getting bored we turned the TV back on and just watched TV for a bit until we got tired then we turned everything off and went to sleep.

  Friday was a good day at work but it was hectic for another day- I woke up around half 4 with the worst neck ache ever so I have no idea how I had been laying. When I got up at half 6 I was awake and felt quite refreshed, Work was busy again but I caught up with all my work as I'm training the new receptionist next week. Once we got home from work me and Luke just laid listening to music and talking before Luke headed out. I got a quick shower when he had gone before opening my parcels which one was my bag (It's soo nice I'm so happy!) I had my tea which was pizza and chips before I dried and straightened my hair. I decided to do a bit more blogging as I had taken some new pictures for a few new posts. I watched a few YouTube videos before making a cup of tea. Once Luke was in we just decided to watch TV and a few films all night as we both weren't tired. When we both started getting tired we decided to cuddle and fall asleep.

  Saturday was a good day but it seemed to fly by- Me and Luke woke up around half 9 and we had breakfast while watching TV for a while before we started getting ready as we were going shopping with my mum and dad to the pet shop. We headed to Tesco first before the pet shop so me and Luke got a subway for our lunch. At the pet shop we decided to get a pet tortoise which was a like on the spot decision but I'm so happy we did. Once we got back we had to set up the enclosure or cage for the tortoise, It took us a while then we had to move all the bedroom round as it just didn't look right but I'm really happy with it now. We headed back to the pet shop to pick up our tortoise which is called 'Herman' I did want to call it Sheldon but it's all changed now as Luke prefers Herman, We got told to get a timer for the plug which when we unplugged the heat lamp it actually blew the bulb which was great as the pet shop closed at 6pm. We headed to Luke's mums for a few hours just to relax as we both felt like the day had gone no where. When we got back at half 9 we both had something to eat before we went to bed to just watch TV, We both ended up falling asleep around 1am as we were just watching TV.

  Sunday was my favourite day of this week as always as we woke up at 8am as the lights for the tortoise come on at that time, Me and Luke decided to check up on Herman before we went downstairs to have a cup of tea and some breakfast. It was my dad's birthday today so we actually watched him open his presents and cards. We just relaxed for a bit before we headed back to the pet shop to pick up another bulb which thankfully we didn't have to pay for. When we got back me and Luke sorted all the tank out with the new stuff we had bought. Luke wrapped most of his presents today which was good, We did our lunch for work tomorrow before we came upstairs and got ready to head to his mums. When we got back we both had something to eat before I got a quick shower and sorted my work uniform and stuff out. We decided to just lay and watch Tv for a while until we were both tired and we turned everything off.
 How's your week been?

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