Sunday, 20 December 2015

Weekly Summary #26

(Weekly Summary 14/12-20/12)

  Monday was actually a good start to the week- I woke up around 6am and was actually feeling refreshed so I was ready to actually get up at half past. Work we had a new starter today who I was actually training up so I was a little nervous but I knew we would be okay and well it went really well so I was happy. After work I got home and couldn't really be bothered to get a shower so I decided to just quickly wash my hair, I dried it whilst I watched some YouTube videos. I did my lunch for work before I decided to have my tea. Once Luke was home we decided to just lay and watch TV for a while but decided to watch some videos on my laptop for a bit, We both fell asleep so when I woke up I turned the laptop off and woke Luke up so he could get undressed and get comfortable we then went to sleep.

  Tuesday I woke up so tired as half way through the night Luke had woke up and he sometimes wakes up choking and gasping for breath which is what he was doing and he scared me as he literally was grabbing me as if he wasn't going to get his breath back I was so scared. When I got up I just tried to wake myself up, Work was actually good again I was training again but it went really well we had got quite a lot done and she's picking up a lot more than I expected which is good. After work I had my driving so I opened my post quickly before I got dressed ready for driving it went really well again, The drive was really good and I answered all the questions right which is such an improvement! Luke's went okay but I think he just wasn't feeling it again this week but I guess it's not for everyone. After driving I did our lunches for work before I decided to catch up on a few blog posts and YouTube videos as I'm behind with the Vlogmas videos. Once Luke was home he had something to eat then we just watched TV for a while until we decided to cuddle and go to sleep which I was so happy to just get into bed and fall asleep.

  Wednesday was actually an okay day for me- Work went fast as I was finishing at 1pm so I knew I didn't have long to do. Once we had got home me and my mum nipped to the pet shop as my dad needed some water for the marine fish tank we have. He sorted the fish tank out whilst me and my mum headed to library as my mum needed to print some documents off. We then headed food shopping as we needed to get all the food in for Christmas and we actually bought quite a few things. We then came back home and I sorted Hermans food out then got a quick shower before getting ready as we were going for a family meal. Me and my mum got lasagne and chips and my dad got a mixed grill, My little brother Aiden got hunters chicken. We were all too full to actually get a pudding which I regret so much. Once we were home I got changed and took all my makeup off before just laying on the bed with my fleece blanket before Luke came in. When Luke came in he had something to eat and we just watched TV, Once I was tired I decided to turn everything off and I went to sleep.

  Thursday was another good day- I woke up feeling ready for the day I have no idea why, Work went really fast again and I was in a really good mood. My mum got rushed into hospital today as she was having chest pains which when she got there her heart rate was 200 so they sent her to the cardiac arrest ward and put the pads on her incase they needed to shock her back it was scary as I actually didn't know as my mum didn't want anyone to tell me. After work we headed home and me and Luke actually sorted Herman out and he's actually started eating thank god! He likes cucumber which I find so strange. I decided to get changed and take my makeup off before deciding what clothes to wear to work tomorrow, I changed my bag and applied some new nails. Once Luke was home he had his tea which was pizza then we went upstairs to watch TV for a bit but decided to browse on the laptop about Herman as we want to make sure we're doing everything we need to. Once we were tired we both decided to go to sleep.

  Friday was such a good day for me- I woke up around half 6 to get ready for work with a cup of tea. When we got to work we were late as the taxi driver just had no clue where to go which was annoying, It was 'Secret Santa' at work and I am so happy with my presents I got a Jack Wills compact mirror and lipgloss gift set and a No7 nail polish set which I was so happy with! After work when we got home me and Luke just chilled for a while watching Herman move around then Luke actually headed out so I ran a bath whilst I cleaned the bedroom. Once I had dried my hair and straightened it I came down and made myself something to eat as I was so hungry! I had lasagne which I really enjoyed. Once I'd eaten I decided to just watch some YouTube videos then I typed up some blog posts again before making a cup of tea.  I had to then take my mum to the hospital as she started with her heart palpitations again so we headed to the hospital in a taxi, Once we was there she saw a nurse before we waited 2 hours to see a doctor. My dad had arrived by then so I got a taxi home as it was midnight, When I had got in Luke was asleep so I just got changed, Took my make-up off and tried to go to sleep.

  Saturday was a good day I woke up around half 9 so I went and made myself a cup of tea and some breakfast which was cereals. Me and Luke were buying the last of the Christmas presents today so we headed to JD as I wanted some trainers which we successfully bought before heading to Tesco as we needed some stuff for Herman's food which we have to change daily. We got a subway for lunch so we ate that in before taking a walk back home. Luke decided he wanted to go to the model shop near where we live so we got a taxi there and he bought himself a remote control car which we then decided to walk to his mums so I carried the bag and Luke carried the massive box which the car was in. Around half 8 we rung a taxi to go home and ordered a takeaway when that arrived we ate that whilst watching a film. We had bought some sweets and stuff to eat afterwards but actually didn't get round to eating them as we both fell asleep. I woke up around midnight so I turned the lights off and TV off before taking everything off the bed so we could get comfortable.

  Sunday was another good day- Me and Luke woke up around half 9 again so I made breakfast before we sat in bed watching TV. Luke decided he wanted to try his car out so he went to set that up whilst I made the bed and everything like that, I decided to get ready as we were heading to the pet shop today to stock up on a few things before Christmas. Luke headed to the bike shop to try get his wheel sorted which he kind of got done but not completely. Once we were back from the pet shop I sorted Herman's food and water out before getting everything sorted for work tomorrow. We went to Luke's mums for a while before I wanted to come back and get a nice bath ready for work tomorrow. It was around 9pm by now so I decided to just sit and watch TV with a cup of tea until I got tired then I got ready for bed.
How was your week?

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