Sunday, 27 December 2015

Weekly Summary #27

(Weekly Summary 21/12-27/12)

  Monday was an okay start to the week I think because I knew it was a short week I had the motivation to just get this week done- The day went quick at work and because I'm trying to get as much done as I can as I'm not at work until the new year after Christmas. After work I decided to just have a relaxing night so I just had my tea which was a Chinese as my mum fancied it and she  hasn't ate much recently so I ordered it and made my lunch for work before I just watched YouTube videos and listening to music until Luke got home. Luke ate his tea which was a pizza as he doesn't like Chinese, We went upstairs to watch TV before we both decided to try get some sleep as we were both so tired.

  Tuesday was another okay day at work but it dragged so much today! I'm now caught up which is really good as I can just really make sure I am fully up to date before Christmas. After work my mum asked if I would go to Tesco with her so me and Luke went shopping with her after work and got ourselves a Subway for our teas. My secret Santa present arrived in the post today and I'm so excited to open it on Christmas! When we got home I ate my sandwich before I made lunch for work before I went and got a quick shower. After the shower I wrapped the last of the Christmas presents before I watched a few YouTube videos. When Luke got home we made ourselves something to eat and a hot drink before we took them upstairs to watch TV and relax for a little while, We decided to watch a film before we went to sleep.

  Wednesday was a good day at work as I'm up to date with my work so I just was helping everyone else get their work up to date- After work I didn't have much to plan so I just came home and messed around with my new camera which came today woo! I then got changed and chose what clothes I was going to wear to work tomorrow. I then changed my bag and got my laptop out as I wanted to start getting up to date with my blog posts for the Christmas period. Once I had done all that and Luke was home we made ourselves some food and went to watch TV I really wanted to read for a while so I did that whilst Luke played on his PlayStation. When we were both tired we turned everything off and tried to fall asleep.

  Thursday was Christmas Eve! I did have work which was really quiet as most companies had finished for the Christmas period, We had a massive buffet arrive for all the staff so I had to sort all that ready for both lunches before we headed to McDonalds as the office staff had all said we would prefer a McDonalds for lunch so we all ate that before I carried on with the buffet. We finished work at 1pm which was good, Me and Luke came home and went food shopping with my nan and mum for the last Christmas food. When we got back Luke wrapped the last of his presents for his little brother before he headed to his mums, I was going to a doctors appointment with my mum for support but I waited in the waiting room and watched some YouTube videos. We took the presents down to Luke's mums as Luke couldn't fit them all onto his bike. We picked my nan up and went home. I got a nice bubble bath and decided to relax watching Polar Express like I do every Christmas Eve! I had a banging head ache so when Luke came in we just laid watching TV until we both fell asleep.

  Friday was Christmas so Merry Christmas! My little brother came and woke me and Luke up around 9am so we got up and I made me and Luke a hot drink before we started opening our presents I am so grateful for what I got and may possibly do a 'What I Got For Christmas' post but I'm not 100% yet. I will just say I got a tanning booth though so happy! and Luke got me such a nice bag I feel so lucky. Once we had opened all our presents we brought them upstairs to put everything away and I tidied the bedroom and my wardrobe out which I'm glad I did plus I changed my bag. Me and Luke just relaxed really watching TV and he was playing the PlayStation for a while whilst I watched some YouTube videos and looked at some makeup to buy. We had our dinner and relaxed a bit more before we both got ready as we were off to see Luke's family for a while. When we got home I made myself a hot drink before I got into my pj's so I could just relax and read for a while as I was in such a content mood. We just watched TV until we were both tired then we cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Saturday was an okay day- We woke up around half 9 although I'd been awake most of the night with stomach cramps which wasn't great. I decided to have some breakfast with a cup of tea before me and Luke got ready as we were going to look at what was in the sales but once we had got there it was quite rubbish and there wasn't much we both bought so looks like I'm looking online. When we got home we sorted Herman's food out before we just relaxed for a little while so I watched some YouTube videos and read for a while until we went to Luke's mums again. We stayed there for a while before we came home then when we got home we had to make ourselves some food which Luke had cheese on toast and I made myself spaghetti Bolognese, We decided to watch some TV before we watched a film but I kept falling asleep as I was tired so Luke turned it off and we just cuddled and fell asleep.

  Sunday was a nice relaxing day- We woke up around half 10 as we were just enjoying the bed and I was definitely enjoying the warmth. I got up and made myself some breakfast and ate them in bed, We watched TV for a while before we just listening to music which I enjoy as it puts me in a good mood. Once we were both awake we started to get ready as we were going to Luke's mums again as we were taking Luke's little brother on his bike as he was so excited to try it and Luke offered to take him out on it. When we got back from his mums we made something to eat then went to watch TV upstairs, I decided to catch up on a few YouTube videos as I haven't watched them for a while so I was behind. We just watched TV for most of the night until we were both tired then we turned the TV off and cuddled until we fell asleep.
How was your week?


  1. There is nothing more joyous than a relaxing day. Glad you were able to have such a happy Christmas. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. I completely agree! Thankyou:) I hope you had a lovely Christmas!
    Thankyou for reading!<3