Monday, 28 December 2015

Winter Wonderland!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday and we all know what happens on a Monday... Rant time or more of a ramble!

  So Friday it was Christmas and as much as I love giving presents and spending time with my family I wasn't really in a 'Christmas' mood I tried everything to get into it and did my normal Christmas Eve routine which is a bubble bath and a good film but I just couldn't get into the spirit. I mean I was excited for Christmas but I just didn't feel like it was Christmas I'm not sure if it was because in England we don't really seem to dress the houses up and everything but I just needed to get into the mindset it was December.
  I was looking forward to the time off after Christmas as I am having around 2 weeks off as we take it in turns to take Christmas off and it was finally my turn. I'm so excited as I recently bought myself a new camera so these 2 weeks I can finally get up to date with my blog and take some more better quality pictures with my camera rather than use my Iphone which I mean it takes good photo's but I wanted a camera.
  I've decided that in 2016 I want to take more time and stuff into my blog so I can be more happy with it, I am so proud of how much I've achieved with my blog within this year so I'm looking forward to see where it goes within another year (Bring it on!) I'm so looking forward to the next few weeks. I will probably be getting up early as Luke still has work but I will get up and make myself a cup of tea before getting back into bed to either watch some YouTube videos or blogging I'm so excited to just spend time on my blog and stuff like that rather then having to just blog when I get home from work and don't really feel up for it.
Did you have a good Christmas?

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