Friday, 8 January 2016

Barry M Aquarium- Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have a review of the Barry M Aquarium nail polishes I have a few shades and I thought I would share what I think about them as I feel like I haven't seen many people talk about these.

  These nail polishes caught my eye when I was in Superdrug quite a while back now but just haven't got round to reviewing them until now. The aquarium collection contains two-tone formula for your nails to sparkle in every angle. I just liked the idea of these nail shades as I thought they would be different and unique and I just love the shades they have in the collection.

  This nail polish is in the shade 'Mediterranean' and this was the last polish I bought from the collection as this one kind of dropped my expectations as it's such an opaque colour and it doesn't really look like it does in the bottle when applied onto the nails, I have to say you have to apply quite a few coats to actually see the colour. I did really like the colour when I saw it in the shop until I got it home and applied it on my nails.

  This nail polish is in the shade 'Persian' which I just adore this shade, It is a deep purple with an undertone of a dark blue colour which I just think looks stunning on the nails. This was one of the first shades I picked up as I was going through a stage of just wearing dark nails and this suited it perfectly. I still wear this shade now as I just love how it looks on the nails and the colours are stunning when they sparkle in the light.

  This nail polish is in the shade 'Arabian' this is one of those shades which again I was just drawn to as the green is such a stunning shade and has a yellow/gold undertone. I really love this shade but I must say it isn't one I reach for very often but I really need to as I bet it looks stunning on the nails. This may be my next nail colour I use.

  This nail polish is in the shade 'Pacific' and I love this colour I really do adore it. This is a blue shade with a hint of green undertones. This was possibly the second colour I picked up but I really love this one and have possibly used it more than the others as I just think it's stunning.
  This range is possibly one of those ranges which may not be for everyone's taste but I think it's such a stunning range from the colour shades to the packaging I just think it all ties it and is incredible, You can purchase these from Superdrug or the Barry M website. They are quite an old range so I'm not 100% if they do still sell them in Superdrug as I don't have one near to where I live any more but that is where I purchased mine from. These last a while with the right top coat on top and do not chip but my job isn't too strenuous so my nail polish can last some time if maintained properly. I do adore these shades and may see if any new ones have been brought out and if so I will definitely pick them up.
Have you tried the Barry M Aquarium collection?

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  1. I love these nail polishes! I've got Caspian, which is such a pretty gold shade with hints of pink when it catches the light. So, so pretty! xx

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