Friday, 1 January 2016

Favourite Products of 2015

Hello Everyone!
  So 2015 is coming to an end and I thought I would share my favourite products from 2015.

  2015 was a very strange year for me as I achieved so much throughout the year and I'm so grateful when I look back, I think I may do a post about my highs and lows of 2015 so I'll just stick to the beauty products I fell in love with in the year but I must say there's a lot more products but these just stand out to me.

  Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation has been a foundation I have repurchased it multiple timed throughout the year and I just adore how the foundation applies and how flawless it looks once it's been blended out, It's also great how it lasts all day even though I have oily skin. I bought my first bottle of this at the end of 2014 but I got the wrong shade completely, I now use 1C0 Shell as it's the perfect shade for my pale skin tone.
  L'Oreal is a brand I don't seem to reach for very often and I don't purchase much from the brand. I saw this primer and decided to pick it up as it's actually not a silicone based primer it's more of a cream based primer. It's a dark shade but adds a bit of warmth to my make-up base, It does make my make-up last all day. This must be the old packaging as this is now in a glass jar which I think looks a lot more sleek.

  Tarte is a brand I didn't actually pick up until the end of 2015 but I have to say this is by far the best bronzer I used, The colour pay off is just incredible and this is the perfect shade for me to contour with. I also love the packaging in this which you can see on my Depop Haul post. I just love how compact this product is but I just also love how well pigmented it is and I'm so glad I picked this up.
  Clinique Chubby Stick is a sculpting contour stick which I've raved about throughout the year in many posts so this was an obvious choice for this post but I just love how easy this is to use as it's so straightforward and if your still a beginner at contour this is perfect for you. I apply this before I apply my contour as it just makes the cream product stay put all day and I definitely want that for my make-up.

  MAC was a brand I finally picked up in 2015, I decided to pick up this blusher/face powder as I wanted a few limited edition items in my collection and I found this and I decided I wanted it in my collection- Yes it may have been for the packaging but I do actually really like this. I apply this as a blusher and highlight as it's perfect for that and I feel as though it works quite well on my skin tone.

  NARS was another brand I picked up this year as I just felt it was time I branched out make-up wise. I picked this blush up in the shade 'Oasis' as I felt this was a shade I would definitely use and I wasn't wrong. It's a terracotta shade with gold shimmer running throughout which I really like. I have to say it does look pink on the picture but it definitely isn't a pink shade once applied. I adore this blush and I'm so glad I picked it up.

  Maybelline is a brand I do use quite regular but it's mainly only lipsticks I reach for. This year I picked up a wide range of the 'Colour Sensational' lipsticks as I just love the formula and how easy they apply. I really love the wide range of shades which I must say I bet I have most of the collection. I picked just one shade but I do love every one which I own. This one is in the shade 630 Velvet Beige and it's just a lovely nude shade which I wear on a daily basis for work as it just doesn't look too out there.
  Essence is another brand I had never heard of until it came into a few stores near where I live. As the person I am I was drawn to the lipsticks and picked up a few shades again I like most of the shades I picked up as again the formula is so smooth and moisturising. I decided to choose 15 Oh So Matt! As the name says it's a matte formula which is different for me to pick up. The shade is a very muted pink which I really love as it just looks so natural and gives a nice colour on the lips.
  MAC as I said above was a brand I really did branch out for this year as I picked up a lot of lipsticks as I knew how popular they were and I must say I do really like them myself. I picked up a wide range of colours from nudes, pinks to dark reds but I really do love each lipstick I have and I know in 2016 I will be purchasing more. I decided to choose 'Twig' for this post as this was the first lipstick I picked up from MAC and it's probably the one I've used the most throughout the year.
What was your favourites from 2015?


  1. That limited edition mac blush/powder is the cutest thing ever! There's so many products here I haven't tried before! xx

    Jasmine ||

  2. Thankyou I completely fell in love with it because of the packaging! I definitely recommend these products!
    Thanks for reading!<3

  3. Oh life, the MAC blush/powder is to die for! Super gorgeous!! I've recently got Double wear & I cannot wait to try it this weekend! Waiting to do a first impressions :) Nars & Mac are deffo brands I fell for in 2015! Good choices.