Monday, 18 January 2016


Hello Everyone!
  So it's a new week and another post where I ramble for a while.

  So 2016 has been a good start to the year so far which I'm happy about, If you read my goals and resolutions this year you will know I wanted to try not to worry as much and although I still get stressed and a bit anxious about certain things and trying my best to be organised I have to say I really haven't worried that much so far this year (I know it's still early in the year but I'm happy so far) This year I decided I would try my hardest to put myself first including work and last week I did that by going in to see my boss and actually put myself first for once so I knew where I stood with my role etc. I was very pleased and proud of myself. I'm also happy about certain things in my life including me and Luke, My mums health and just overall the look of how this year will turn out for me and I must say I'm very excited! So here's to 2016.
Have a lovely week!

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