Friday, 22 January 2016

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share what I got from the Lush boxing day sale- I was quite happy with what I got.

  I decided to leave the sale until the day after boxing day as I knew how packed the shops would be and I knew the amount of people would be online trying to pick up the deals, But I must say I was very happy with how much was left online when I went on the website and the prices were insane!

  Snow fairy shower gel is a Lush favourite and I must say I've never actually tried it before so I was happy to actually pick this up, It's only a 100g bottle but at least I can give it a try and see if I actually like the scent of it. If I do enjoy this I'll definitely pick it up next year at Christmas time (Well try my best to get my hand on it) The bottle is the cutest thing as its such a small bottle and the pink label with the pink shower gel just looks so nice and it definitely looks cute on the side of the bath on display. I haven't tried this yet but if I do enjoy it I'll definitely put it into one of my 'Favourites' posts which I do each month.

  Santa's belly shower jelly is something I have never tried from Lush, I'm not one to really buy shower gels or shower jelly's from Lush as I just stick to bath bombs but since this was on sale I decided to pick it up. The packaging for this is a little on the 'cheap' side but I guess there not much packaging you can put jelly into. I have tried this and I must say I'm not a fan. The scent isn't really something I'm keen on as I feel it didn't really have much of the scent and I don't see how I can use this product really I attempted to use it in the shower and it was such a mess I ended up putting it to one side. I just don't see how to use a jelly in the shower but some people probably do like this product but I'll probably never buy it again (Sorry if you like it!)

  Dashing Santa is a Christmas bath bomb and I was so glad I got to pick it up, I did actually pick up two of these as I really wanted to try these and because bath bombs were so inexpensive I jumped at all of the bath bombs which were left on the website. I'm not sure how this bath bomb actually goes once this has dissolved in the bath but I'm sure it goes an orange/red shade. I think this bath bomb is cute as well Santa is cute to me as Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year but just this bath bomb looks so cute in my clear bath which I keep my bath bombs in- I will definitely pick this up next year if it's available.

  This bath bomb is Cinder which is another Christmas bath bomb, I think this bath bomb just looks incredible as the gold and red is such good colours that remind me of Christmas but anything with gold will always cheer me up. I have to say this is definitely one of those bath bombs where the scent is so overpowering as it is Cinnamon based scent which I'm not a big fan of cinnamon but I wanted to try as many of the Christmas bath bombs as I could, Again I picked up two of these as one came in the Christmas hamper box I bought and another was bought separate. This is like glitter galore as once I had picked this up and placed it down to take a picture of it my hands were covered in glitter so cleaning the bath when I've used this will be fun (I have to say I'm excited to use this in one of my baths though).

  This is the peeping Santa bubble bar which I have to say from my experiences from bubble bars I'm not 100% sold on them as of yet but again this came in one of the gift sets I bought so I thought I could at least give it a go and well it's a Santa so you know I couldn't pass this down. I have no idea what this will be like when I introduce it to water but we'll soon found out. I really hope I do enjoy this though as I feel it may make me want to try more of the bubble bars from Lush and they may become a regular buy for me.

  Lord Of Misrule was a bath bomb which when I saw it on the website I needed it. Just the colour of it is incredible as it's such a nice green colour with specks of glitter throughout it. I'm hoping this makes the bath turn into such incredible colours with glitter running throughout the water as I just love bath bombs like that and they always turn into my favourites. The scent is a hard one to describe but I do enjoy the smell but I'm waiting to see how it smells when it's in the bath as I feel Lush bath bombs let their true scent out when they are released in the bath, I really wish I had bought more than one of these at the time.

  Golden wonder is one of the more larger bath bombs from the Christmas range as I feel this one is huge! It's obviously shaped as a gold present and has golden glitter running throughout this again I ordered two of these as I knew I would probably like these, The bath was such a pretty bath when I used this. The water was a green colour with glitter running throughout and it just looked incredible. The scent again I'm not 100% how to describe it so I won't even try but I did really enjoy this bath bomb and would definitely buy it again.
Did you buy anything in the sale?


  1. Ooooh looks like you got quite a fantastic haul. Dashing Santa is adorable. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Oooo you've got loads of my favourites. I think Dashing Santa is such and underrated bathbomb. It's got the old Santa Sumo scent which I absolutely love! Isn't the Golden Wonder incredible too? I only have one left in my stash :(!


  3. Thankyou! I was really happy with what I got at the end of the sale, The dashing Santa is one of my favourites now and I'm really running low as I've nearly used them all!:( <3