Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Photography #1

Hello Everyone!
  So today is something a little different but I thought I would share these shots as I just really like them, Since I got a new camera Luke has been enjoying taking some pictures on it and I must say he surprised me with how good the pictures actually are, If you don't follow my blog much Luke is my boyfriend. These shots are done between myself and Luke but I thought I would share them so I can also look back on them.

  I definitely think I will keep doing these posts as it will make me and Luke take more pictures but as I said it's also something I can look back on as I really want to improve my photography skills a bit more.
  I hope you like these shots we've taken as I think they look quite good for our first few shots with the new camera.
Do you like the shots?


  1. Aw I love these photos! They look so wintery and magical! You should defneitly do more photography posts x

  2. Thankyou so much! Really thinking of carrying on making these!<3