Friday, 15 January 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette

Hello Everyone!
  So today I have a little post to do with my new favourite eye shadow palette which I treated myself to recently and I'm so happy I actually did decided to buy it.

  I bought this online and I will put a link in this post in case you think you may want to look into the palette a bit more but I just love the box as white and gold is one of my favourite combinations for colours.

  The palette is such a good palette to have in your collection as I just feel it's one of those palette's which would be good if your just starting out with make-up which I will talk more about the shades in a little bit but I will talk about the packaging first, I think it's such a sleek and modern palette and looks a lot more thought about than the Naked 1,2 and 3 palettes as it's not a basic looking palette. I love the gold packaging with the black dots which I don't understand why there are there as they don't add anything to the palette but I do still like how they look. The price for this palette is £40.00 on HERE. I feel as though £40 is such a good price for this palette as I feel you can get so many looks out of one palette so you will definitely be getting your money worth. I feel as though the palette will last a long time too as the shadows are very pigmented so you don't need to apply a massive amount to see the colour on your lids which I'm so happy with it.

  The shades in this palette as you can see range from neutrals to bold statement colours which is something I loved about this palette as I knew I would wear the neutral shades on a daily basis but there's also a few shades which were out of my comfort zone and I feel as though I may start reaching for them a bit more. There is shades which you could use as highlights, All over lid shades and ones to add more definition into the crease and shades to also transform a day to night look which I think is perfect. As I said above it's a palette which you can get so many looks out of and it will definitely be worth the money you pay for it. 
  I'm not one of those beauty bloggers who actually join in on a 'hype' product as I always feel I will be disappointed by the product but I must say I really do love this palette and know I will get the use out of it. I have to admit it's a heavy palette but so worth it, I wouldn't carry this around with me in my bag as I don't feel it's practical enough to be lugged around in the bottom of my bag but I would definitely take this on holiday with me. I would recommend this palette to anyone who is wanting to start getting into makeup more as like I said it has neutral colours and some bold shades so it would be a good first palette but I also feel as though it would be good for someone who is wanting to start buying more high end makeup as you definitely wont be disappointed with the pigmentation. If this is another palette to add to your unlimited amount of palettes then please join the queue behind me and we can buy our next palette together, I literally have so many palettes but this was one I knew I needed to pick up when I saw people talking about it.
Do you own this palette?  


  1. WANT WANT WANT This palette!! Will definitely buy next payday!