Sunday, 3 January 2016

Weekly Summary #28

(Weekly Summary 28/12-03/01)

  Monday was a very different start to the week- I woke up around half 9 with Luke we didn't have work so we decided to have a little sleep in, Once we had woke up we both just sat on our phones for a while as we've been out for the last couple of days and we just wanted to catch up on social media. Luke was heading to his mums early to go have a go on his brothers mini motorbike he's such a kid at times. I decided to tidy the bedroom before I ran myself a bath as I just didn't feel great and I thought a nice bath may help which it did a little I guess. Luke was supposed to be bringing his little brother up for a while so I got dressed and did my make-up before I sat on my laptop for a while with a hot drink, I looked for a few sale bargains but I didn't find much. Once Luke arrived we just kept his brother occupied for a while. Luke took his little brother home but I decided to stay in as I just wanted to relax today so I just watched TV for a while with a hot chocolate before I read my book for a while. When Luke got back he had something to eat before we went upstairs to watch TV as he has work tomorrow but I'm actually off so we just cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Tuesday was an early start as I woke up when Luke's alarm went off which was half 6! I just laid in bed whilst he got ready then I went and made myself a cup of tea when he went to work. I took it back to bed with me as I wanted to try get a blog post wrote this morning whilst it was early which I achieved! Around half 9 I decided to get up to have some breakfast. I watched some YouTube videos before I decided to start getting ready which I then had to make my bed. Once I was ready we headed to the shops as my mum and dad needed their banks and I also needed my bank. We did a bit of shopping and I headed into New Look which I bought a jumper and scarf in the sale which I'm happy with.  We headed to B&Q as my mum and dad are wanting to put up a fireplace in our living room so we went and priced everything up before we got a McDonalds for dinner. I had my driving at half 5 so when we got home I just relaxed and chilled out.  My driving lesson went really well I had some good news afterwards which was good. Luke was so cute he left me a message on the bed when I got in for driving and it just put me in a good mood. I had tea which was enchiladas which was really nice. Once Luke was home he had his tea and we went to watch Eastenders and some TV before we went to sleep.

  Wednesday was another early start as I was awake most of the night with heartburn then I got up with Luke when his alarm went off, I just stayed in bed until he was ready then came back to bed when I locked the door. I just caught up on YouTube videos before I got up. I made myself a cup of tea when I got up at like half 9 and just sat watching TV with my mum until my nan came up. I decided to run myself a nice bubble bath as I wanted to pamper myself to see if I could feel better as I didn't feel great. Once I had dried my hair I decided to just watch 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' as I had a major headache. I had something for dinner before I watched some more YouTube videos and I decided to watch some films on Netflix as I just wanted to chill out today. I kind of just relaxed on the sofa for the rest of the night as I had such a banging headache. Once Luke was home from his mums he made himself something to eat and I made myself a hot drink, We came upstairs to watch TV but Luke decided he wanted to get a bath so I just read whilst Luke was in the bath then we just relaxed watching TV whilst we was cuddling.

  Thursday was another early day as I woke up when Luke's alarm went off again so I just laid in bed whilst he got ready as I was actually really tired this morning. I let Luke out and locked the door around 7:20 but I must say I felt more awake so I just got cosy in bed and watched a few YouTube videos but I must of fallen asleep whilst I was watching them as I woke up and it was around 9am. I got up and had a cup of tea and some breakfast then I decided to read for a little while as I had nothing planned again today so I was just going to relax today. All day I mainly just sat on my laptop watching YouTube videos and films as I literally wasn't doing anything. Around 5 I decided to actually get dressed and put some makeup on, Dressed as in lounge clothes but at least it wasn't pj's right?! We had cheesy chips for tea which is one of my favourite things to eat so I was happy. The rest of the night I just read as I really want to finish my book. Once Luke was home we decided to just chill upstairs relaxing and bring in the New Year nice and comfy which we just watched TV and cuddled.

  Friday was obviously new years day so happy new year! Today me and Luke didn't really have much planned as we just didn't know what we wanted to do. So we just laid in bed watching TV for a while before I decided to get a nice shower then I started to get ready as it does take me a little longer than Luke to actually be ready. We decided to just go to Luke's mums for a while today as no shops were really open so we just took a slow walk to his mums where we stayed for a few hours. We came back to ours for a little bit to have our roast dinner my mum had put on and our dessert which was like a raspberry and vanilla dome and it was so nice! We went back to Luke's mums for a little while before we again walked back to ours but it was actually a nice walk back as me and Luke just listened to music on the way home and it put me in such a good mood. When we got back we made ourselves something to eat and I had leftover pizza which I really enjoyed and we just went upstairs to watch TV and chill out until we fell asleep.

  Saturday started very early in the morning as Luke was up with acid/heartburn which he gets quite often at like half 4 in the morning so he tried everything but nothing helped but it eased and he finally fell back asleep. I woke up around half 9 so I just got up and had some breakfast and a cup of tea before Luke woke up as I knew he would have a little lie in. After my breakfast I decided to read for a little while as I've started a new book and wanted to get into it, I started to get ready before Luke as I always did as we were heading to the model shop near my house as Luke has been having issues with his petrol car he bought so he wanted to exchange it so we took a walk up there in the rain to get it changed which they did for him thank god! We took a walk to his mums as it's about a 10 minute walk from the shop so it was easier to just go there to dry off. He had a little play with his car and we stayed at his mums for a while before we set off home. I needed the shop and bank on the way home and I swear I have the worst luck with banks- I went to draw £60 out for the coming week for things and it gave me my card but no cash and actually took the money out of my bank I literally have no clue what to do. When we got home I was in a little strop simply because I was annoyed with the whole bank situation, We had tea which was burger and onion rings (It was so nice!) Luke was messing with his car so I decided to just get changed and chill for a while. We decided to watch TV until we fell asleep but we both had a headache so we just turned all the lights off and tried to fall asleep.

  Sunday was a nice little lie in as I woke up around 10am so Luke was also awake at this time so I got up and made myself a cup of tea and we both had breakfast this morning. We just chilled out watching TV for a while until I decided to get started as I had such a long list to get done. We tided the bedroom and cleaned both the lizard and tortoise out before I finished cleaning the bedroom. I needed to get some money from the bank and we were dropping Luke off at his mums with a fire we now don't need as my mum and dad has made a fireplace in our lounge it looks so good! So I quickly got dressed and did my hair but decided on no make-up and we headed out. Once we had got back I decided to just relax for a while with a cup of tea before I did the lunches for work and got the uniforms sorted before I decided to try get organised as that is one of the resolutions I have for this year. I typed up a few blog posts before I decided to run myself a nice bath so I could relax for a while in a nice bath. Once I was out of the bath I dried and straightened my hair before I decided to catch up on a few YouTube videos and look into buying some filofax inserts as I feel a bit lost not using mine this year. I made myself a drink from my coffee machine which you put the pods into the top before I just sat on my laptop for a while. We were picking Luke up tonight so we picked him up and when we were home he had his tea which was spaghetti bolognese it was mmm! We then went upstairs to just chill out for a while and watch TV until we decided to try get an early night for the working week (Sigh!).
How was your week?

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