Sunday, 10 January 2016

Weekly Summary #29

(Weekly Summary 04/01-10/01)

  Monday was an okay start to the week actually I woke up at half 6 for work and I wasn't too tired which was good as I hadn't had to get up for so long I thought it would be a struggle. Work went okay for the first day back it did drag a little bit it was okay. Once we had finished work and we had got home I waited for my mum to get back from the doctors before we went to Asda for a few bits and I called into Halfords as Luke needed something for his bike and I said I would pick it up. When we got back I just got changed and watched TV with my mum until Luke came home. Once he was home he had his tea before we just watched TV and we both were in a good mood so we were just laughing at each other which I don't feel like I have done for so long, When we both started to get tired we turned everything off and went to sleep.

  Tuesday was another long day at work which I have no idea why I think it's because I'm slowly getting back into the routine. I now don't have any driving lessons through the week so only Luke had a driving lesson when we got home which he said it went really well and he was happy so that's good as I thought he was going to stop doing them. Once Luke got back he sorted his bike wheel out before he went to his mums as I asked him to take a few things for his little sister. I got a shower and just relaxed for a while before I decided to book myself an eye test as I really think I need glasses. I made myself a drink from my coffee machine where you put pods in and watched a few YouTube videos before Luke got home. Once he was home he had his tea and we just watched TV but I read for a while on my kindle before we turned everything off to try and fall asleep.

  Wednesday was actually quite a good day and I must say I did enjoy today. On a morning me and Luke now have a flask each which we walk to work with and I do enjoy walking actually as it gives chance for me and Luke time to talk and we also wake up, But today I took a hot chocolate and I enjoyed that so much. After work when we got home I had such an exciting phone call which put me in a good mood, I got changed before I had my tea then I did my lunch for work before I actually decided to make myself a drink and typed up a blog post ready for next week as I'm trying to get back in front with my posts. I watched a few YouTube videos before I watched a film with my family. Once Luke was home he had his tea and I decided to have some porridge before we went upstairs to watch TV but we decided to watch a film instead, Once we were both tired we cuddled for a bit before we went to sleep.

  Thursday was one of the worst days I've had for a long time. You know those days where everything annoys you and you have a to-do pile as long as your arm and you just wanna curl up and cry well that was my day today. Luke went home from work early as he's poorly so if I'm honest he didn't really help my mood when I got home but I had two very exciting parcels. I had my Vivienne Westwood bag which I bought with my Christmas present it's my baby now, I also received my Christmas LUSH order which I will do a blog post on. I changed my bag before having my tea and did my lunch for work tomorrow. I decided to get a quick shower which I had a little cry which made me feel much better. Once I had dried my hair I watched the soaps on TV and a few YouTube videos before I read for a while. When Luke got home he had his tea before we watched TV as we usually do and we both fell asleep quite early.

  Friday was another busy day but I have to admit it went a lot better than Thursday, I didn't have too much to do but one of the jobs I had to do took me most of the morning to get done which was annoying but I got through it. After work when me and Luke got home we went to the bank before we went to Greggs to get a pizza for each of us to eat on the way back home. When we had eaten we just sat and talked for a while like we normally do on a Friday for some reason then we sorted Herman out before Luke went out for a while. I just quickly washed my hair before I watched YouTube videos for the rest of the night. One good thing of today was I won an Ebay listing for a Vivienne Westwood purse I'm so happy! Once Luke was home he had something to eat and we watched TV for a while before we both watched the Lip Sync battle which was on Channel 5 when I started getting tired I went to sleep as I was getting up early.

  Saturday was an okay day- I was up quite early as I had my driving lesson at 9am so I got up for 8 and got ready before sitting downstairs and waiting for him to come. It went okay but it was a shock to the system getting up so early so hopefully I can get used to it. After I had some breakfast then relaxed with Luke for a while watching TV before we got ready again to head to his mums for a bit, I had a sudden dizzy and warm spell at Luke's mums where I honestly thought I was going to faint so I stood outside in the rain with Luke to try cool myself down but I'm pretty sure I had a panic attack which kind of shocked my system and I was a little shaken afterwards. Once we headed home we had something to eat before we watched TV and chilled out I was absolutely drained so I think I actually fell asleep well before Luke.

  Sunday as everyone knows is one of my favourite days of the week- I woke up with Luke around 8am so we just laid in bed before we got up and had some breakfast but we took it back to bed and ate it there. We decided to watch some tortoise videos as we want to get more involved with Herman. We just watched YouTube videos most of the morning before I quickly got ready as we were off to B&Q for a few bits with my mum, dad and little brother. Once we were back I did everything I needed to for work tomorrow like my uniform and packing before we headed to Luke's mums for a couple of hours. Once me and Luke was home we had our sunday dinner before I ran myself a nice bubble bath and used one of my Lush Christmas bath bombs which I was so happy to use, Luke decided to come sit and talk to me whilst I had my bath. I got out of the bath and dried my hair before straightening it, I decided to make myself a cup of hot chocolate before I read for a while. Me and Luke decided to watch a film as it was still quite early so we knew we could watch the full film, Once we were both tired we turned it all off and tried to go to sleep.
How was your week?

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