Sunday, 17 January 2016

Weekly Summary #30

(Weekly Summary 11/01-17/01)

  Monday- I have to say I woke up in such a good mood eventhough I hadn't had a great sleep but I was just in a good mood for some reason, Luke kindly offered to walk me to work as he wasn't there for a few days but he didn't want me to walk on my own. Work was okay I was a little stressed and the day seemed to drag but overall it was okay. Once I got home I just relaxed with Luke for a while before he headed out to see his mum and I just decided to watch some TV and YouTube videos. I got a bit bored so decided to read and chill out before Luke got home and read for a while. Once Luke was home we both made something to eat before watching the Undateables and just watched TV until we fell asleep.

  Tuesday- I was so tired this morning when I actually got up I just wanted to stay in bed, I have to say my hot chocolate on a morning always cheers me up. Work was actually okay today I had jobs to do all day so the day actually went reasonably fast so I was happy. After work I got a shower whilst tea was cooking and I dried my hair before eating my tea which was lasagne, salad and garlic bread it was so nice. I did my lunch for work before feeding Herman. I watched a few YouTube videos and typed up a few blog posts before I decided to just relax tonight so I watched TV for the rest of the night before me and Luke fell asleep.

  Wednesday- I was tired again this morning when I got up but I dragged myself out of bed. Work was good today I was all caught up with my work so I offered to help the girls in the office so I had some work to do and it passed the time on, It was the pensioners party which I have been planning for a few months now and it all went well so that was one thing that made me happy today. After work I opened my parcels which I had a few PR parcels and I received my Vivienne Westwood purse which I've fallen in love again with a purse so I now have a matching bag and purse they are my babies definitely. I had my tea which was pizza and chips before I helped Luke apply for a few jobs and I got changed into some comfy clothes. I decided to watched Emmerdale and Coronation Street with my mum whilst I typed up a blog post. I decided to look through my books for a while as I really want to get back into reading. Once Luke was home we laid and watched TV for a while before we put a film on and cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Thursday- Again I woke up tired I literally have not had a good nights sleep yet this week which is so annoying. Work was good today I'm all up to date and now we have a new girl in the office who has now taken my role I was a little disheartened as I just didn't know what I was going to be doing so I had a good chat to my boss and we've sorted a role I can do which I'm really happy with and I was in such a good mood afterwards as I feel I know where I stand now. After work when we got home I decided to get a nice shower and have my tea before I had a nice long phonecall with one of the girls I work with. I decided not to blog or anything today so I watched a few YouTube videos before I read for a while. Once Luke was home he had his tea which we had chilli and rice tonight before we watched TV like we usually do before we fall asleep.

  Friday- I literally woke up so refreshed this morning since me and Luke actually fell asleep quite early last night, Work was okay today I had a few jobs to actually do so the day didn't go fast but it didn't go slow either so I was happy about that. After work when we got home me and Luke just looked after Herman for a while before Luke headed to his mums. I decided to run myself a lovely hot bath and used Lush bath bomb Cinder I really enjoyed it, I had my tea before watching some YouTube videos and typing up a blog post. Once Luke was home he had his tea before we just watched a film on the TV, Again we were both a bit tired so we actually had an early night where we just snuggled in bed until we fell asleep.

  Saturday- I woke up around 8am which was a little early as I didn't have to actually get up until 9am to get ready for my driving lesson, I got out of bed around 9:15am and got dressed and did my makeup before I had my driving lesson which actually went really well this week so I was so happy after the lesson. I had some breakfast and just relaxed in bed with Luke before we got fully ready to head out as I had my eye test at 2:20pm which resulted in me needing glasses which I expected but I must say my left eye is fine it's just my right one which has more of the damage so I picked two glasses one for home and one for work, I'm happy with them both. I got a few essentials I needed from Tesco before me and Luke got a Subway for our dinners which we ate at home. We headed to Luke's mums for the evening which of course it finally snowed! Once me and Luke got home we ordered a takeaway and just watched TV before we went to sleep.

  Sunday- As we all know Sunday's are my favourite day of the week. I woke up around 8am again and just laid in bed cuddling Luke until he woke up. We laid in bed for a while just catching up on social media before we both just watched YouTube videos on our phones which seemed like for ages! I had some breakfast before we both got dressed and we headed in the garden for a snow ball fight cause that has to happen when it snows right?! We came back in and had a hot drink to warm up. Luke went out around 3pm so I cleaned the bedroom before I tidied my wardrobe which I was happy about, I then sorted everything for work before changing my bag. I ran myself a nice bath whilst I cleaned my make-up brushes. I used the Lush 'Dashing Santa' in the bath and the water was a lovely red colour. After my bath I caught up on some YouTube videos before I made myself something to eat but I'm trying to drink more water so I stayed away from my hot chocolate until later. Once Luke was home we both made something to eat before we watched 'Making a Murderer' on Netflix we're just starting it so hopefully we both enjoy it. Once we'd watched that we decided to try sleep ready for work tomorrow (Boo!).
How was your week?

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